Just Married / Press

“JUST MARRIED RETURN TO SKOPED OUT WITH NEW ALBUM & BABYBOY Stoli: What would you say to Skope readers that are new to your sound but open to hearing new music? Li – I would say come in, have a seat, let me pour you some coffee. If you are into the “songwriting team” then we are fun to listen to. We tend to dabble around different styles of music but our sound leans towards Americana. Gary – If you like the Indie style recording sound you’ll dig us because we do the recording, engineering, producing and editing all in our studio. Most of the record is performed by us . Li – We had the pleasure of getting Jamie Alegre on drums on seven tracks and Anthony Krizan on bass for three tracks and some guitar. We did the tracking of Jamie’s drums in Anthony’s studio, Sonic Boom Studios, in NJ. Very cool. ”

“Musical duo, Just Married, has not let their love for one another distract them from making well played and written music on their album Waiting For The Changes. The vocals are hot and the guitar and all other instruments are tight but relaxed making for a tempting sound.”

“The musical style of the band Just Married has been described as: “Americana and 60s Rock with dominant female vocals and strong melodies.” (Jerusalem Post). “Vintage and pleasingly authentic Americana” (Secret Garden Party – Great Britain). “Jolie Holland with a rock arrangement” (The Noise – Flagstaff, AZ). Citing influence from John Lennon, The Band, Aimee Mann, Beatles, Norah Jones, Neil Young, Wilco and Elliott Smith, Just Married music comes across with hints, twists and catches drawn from those greats intertwined with original concepts creating a throwback/vintage vibe.”

“The music on ‘For Our Friends’ takes advantage of Li’s style mixing the power of the female vocals with potent melody lines and strong hooks. The songs come in from the Indie side of Americana. They take influences (John Lennon, Elliott Smith, Aimee Mann, Norah Jones, The Band, Neil Young) and infuse their natural instincts to create memorable songs. “Workin’ Man” comes in with an infectious bounce, “One More Breath” makes use of the title’s technique as voice floats over persistent acoustic guitar chords and echoey stripped down piano parts. A city shuffle invades “Eugene Eric” early on and “Free to Love” strides along like a 70’s AM Pop gem in the style of She and Him. Just Married create little lights that attach a lot of friends to bask in the glow of the album title’s dedication. ”

“I would place the music, in a general sense, somewhere in between Sleater Kinney and Jolie Holland or maybe just Jolie Holland with a rock arrangement. Alternative Americana? One of them shreds on electric guitar occasionally, or as needed. The two singing together is usually the highlight of that song.”

“What motivates you everyday to get up and create and work on your music? JM: Good question. We live on a farm with 5 dogs and a music studio in our house. It’s a great setting to be recording music. Making music is what we love to do. Having the studio with you all the time takes the pressure off of feeling like you have to get everything done in a specific time frame. We can wake up, have a coffee, walk the dogs and get to work…..or not! You ride the waves of inspiration and sometimes they are fruitful and sometimes you just can’t get anything done. When things aren’t working we take a break, go for a walk, pick a few clementines from the trees….etc. Clementines usually do the trick. Generally, we try our best to keep the pressure off, the discipline on, and let the music flow out when it needs to. But one thing we never, ever, forget is how lucky we are that we get to make music and share it with our friends. ”