Just Lyphe / Press

"maybe u shuld run for president...i'll vote for u"

Tifa M, London

"I support the chedda."

"you're the future of Zim Hip Hop... Never ever stop"

Cee Jay, Dallas, TX

"Y'all be on that sheeeziee"

"an eye opener at the least..."


Kuda Musasiwa, United Kingdom - DKR

"the music's pumpin'...give us some mo sh*t"

Henry Makiwa, United Kingdom


DJ Esq, Los Angeles, CA



" We all with you son. Bigg up!!"

Elvis M, Phillipines


Masola Wa Dabudabu

"more. please. too."

Elana G, Hawaii

"Your head is full of peanut butter"

Suzie M, Los Angeles, CA

"Nostalgia. Anger. Sadness. Pride. Revulsion. ... that sums up what went through my head."

Shongedzai M, Atlanta, GA