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“Justin Soileau is a Texas native and currently resides right here in Austin. His approach to songwriting and life has been called “earnest, kind, and deeply personal”. Although his music centers itself on stripped-down folk, his studio recordings reveal lush full-band arrangements that highlight his individual style.”

“Very talented singer-songwriter...”

“On first listen the songs may sound simple, but as in many cases, the appearance of effortlessness is actually the product of well-planned and executed songwriting. Soileau combines his songwriting with insightful and relatable lyrics, making for very accessible songs.”

“His songs are relationship time capsules, and they are told with torturous sincerity. This is a good thing... But not all the reactions are heart-wrenching, many of his songs are also danceable and hilarious at times. Take “I’d Never Lie to You,” for example, where things get histrionic: “You know I’d never lie to you, only if I had to… so don’t believe all the flatteries are true.” That theatrical characteristic is part of Soileau’s signature. It often feels like he is conversing with his muse.”

“We have a feeling that Justin Soileau is one of those artists that will quietly take the world by storm. His debut full length self titled album reflects perfectly his earnest, kind, and deeply personal approach to music and life in general.”

“Having only been in O.C. for three years, singer-songwriter Justin Soileau has nonetheless embedded himself well in the local scene, dropping his self-titled debut last September. He managed to win over the crowd with raw emotion and brutal honesty, translating well in this live performance”

“Justin Soileau [is] another folky guy whose music is...very impressive.”

“The track “Simple Song” includes some heavy lyrics about his state of mind when he checked into rehab, yet it’s also one of the more upbeat songs in his collection. “I’d Never Lie to You” is another standout, a song about growing up written while in high school.”

““Loneliness and Wine”...encapsulates exactly what makes Soileau’s music such an engaging listen. Blending seemingly effortless hooks...with whipcord-smart lyricism which rivals Josh Ritter...”

“It is easy to hear the influences of artists that Soileau is an admitted fan of: Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stephens, and Bright Eyes. The deceptively simple lyrics, softly voiced, and the great instrument arranging (trumpet! steel guitar!) definitely echo [these] other artists...”

“[He is] showcasing a nice blend between '70s pop rock influences and a both reflective and understatedly energetic modern touch.”

“...The album’s soft sound reflects the Orange County lifestyle. The songs flow naturally from one to the other and offer soothing tones throughout the album as a whole...”

“An honest and completely raw manifesto, each song has a way of getting through to the core of the audience with its playful guitar arrangements, simplistic lyrics and soothing vocals. The fact that Justin does not over exemplify intelligence through abstract lyrics and over-the-top guitar riffs is part of his appeal. We can listen to each verse with a smirk and think, “yes, I have been there too”. Soileau’s lyrics are nothing less than compelling and admirable. He is a simple, lighthearted guy with a story to share (which can be seen in his video for title track, “I’d Never Lie to You”).”

“Justin Soileau is one of OC’s best kept secrets...His music is timeless, his writing is honest, and he is well equipped with an arsenal of good songs that can easily produce the soundtrack to the next coming-of-age Michael Cera film.”

“[Justin Soileau is] making great music...”

"...Melodically upbeat indie-folk acoustic [that] examines the fragile state of humanity with delicate...guitar stums and punctuated piano chords..."

"...the kind of humorous and sweet music you share with your good friends to talk about sarcasm and love."

"A Simple Song" is another example of Soileau's aptitude at combining upbeat musical sentiments with often darker lyrics...Soileau's love of piano-led pop rock in a '70s, post-Beatles vein remains paramount, down to the peppy organ break. Given that the chorus is all about how the titular object is the kind of thing that can pull someone out of a rut, it's a gentle, appropriate way of having one's cake and eating it too."

"A mix between Josh Ritter and M. Ward...A great mix of pop and indie.."

“‎There’s a wise old saying that says that ‘simple songs are the best’. Luckily Justin Soileau’s offering ['A Simple Song'] is both simple and flawless – a winning combination.”

"Soileau did a great job...opening up to the initially sparse audience and conveying his purist acoustic sound...His songwriting...is on point."

"If you like Mumford & Sons you'll love Justin Soileau."

Michele McManmon - LA Indie Music Scene

"The evening started out with indie, pop-rock artist Justin Soileau. Whose heartfelt lyrics and soulful beats were entertaining and pleasant to listen too. "

"Opening was Justin Soileau accompanied by his guitar. Heavily influenced by folk music with a hint of country twang, Justin played an amazing set as a solo act. With slight timbre in his voice, Justin sings like a deeper toned Ben Gibbard of Death Cab fame."

“The Heat, a six-song, solo debut EP recorded with the help of his former home-state band Fathers Against Parades...[is] a strong calling card, boasting a mix of upbeat arrangements—often centered on piano—and some darker sentiments.”

“Easy, breezy tunes that feel soothing being brushed across your ear lobes...”

“On his short debut solo EP following group work in Fathers Against Parades, recent Texas to OC transplant Justin Soileau kicks off with a song called "I'd Never Lie to You"-which, if it refers to the easy going and straightforward music that suggests a variety of '80s college rock approaches in a gentle blend, is a perfect statement of purpose.”