Justin Sherfey / Press

“There was probably no way to keep Justin Sherfey from becoming a musician. After all, his grandpa plays the fiddle, his mom plays the fiddle and guitar and his sister plays the bass and sings like an angel. A trip to the national fiddle contest in Weiser, Idaho, at age 8 infected Justin with fiddle fever, and he just hasn’t been able to stop playing since. Now 13, Justin has already wowed thousands with the magic of his musical destiny. He has ranked in the top three in the nation for the past two years and won dozens of fiddle contests. But more important than any accolade is the joy that Justin gets from playing, and that he brings to his audience. “I like playing for a crowd, and seeing them having fun and clapping,” said Justin, a seventh grader. Part of the fun of fiddling, Justin said, is getting to travel to contests and meeting people from all over the United States. Besides the fiddle, Justin plays the tenor guitar, six-string guitar, mandolin and bass.”

Kristy Mylorie - Spokane Public Schools "Bulletin Board"