Justin Jones / Press

"In a world of consumer pop and rock music, it is nothing short of refreshing to hear a talent like Justin Jones. He isn't afraid to bear his heart in his music. Hopefully he and artists like him teach us all that fortune should favor the genuine."

"Justin Jones is a local D.C. talent. I've seen him a number of times often as an opening act. I've enjoyed his music but it wasn't until this new record that I went "WOW!" Jones has just finished a powerfully magnificent Americana album called Fading Light. This song, "Miracles" opens with over a minute of hypnotic rock that — if it wasn't played so well and recorded so well — would fit comfortably on a Velvet Underground record..."

"...Fading Light emerges as an introspective look at his oft-bumpy journey, capturing the dichotomy of his near-Appalachian upbringing and his youthful Americana yearning."

“It's tough to tell when Jones is just messing with you, but as soon as he picks up a guitar, he's genuine as they come. Sarcasm melts away to reveal an individual who doesn't gloss over his personal failures. Which might amount to belly-aching if it weren't for Jones' staggering talent.”

“. . . And I Am the Song of the Drunkards, like a Townes Van Zandt or Van Morrison record, the music is raw, honest, and full of soul.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, Justin Jones is a Great Singer. Jones wails, and croons his way through love and heartache, good times and bad. Open, heart-bearing songs that feel comfortable and familiar, like old friends you haven't seen for years. The album is first-rate from start to finish. ”