Justin James Bridges / Press

"This past year saw him release three all original albums and two music videos, quite a hefty accomplishment for any musician, but it is the quality, diversity and originality that truly make his material special." "Fun and soulful are probably the best descriptions of Justin James Bridges’ sound. While all of his music has a blues/funk/roots base, he layers, blends and bends various genres in a creative, original way. Plenty of something for everyone, do not miss your chance to catch Justin James Bridges."

“Soul-baring and hard-hitting, Justin James Bridges is a modern day troubadour who would’ve been at home singing in a New York or San Francisco smoke-filled coffee house of the 1960s alongside the beatniks, poets and activists of the time. But in reality, is the message any different today? Musicians have always held a position of delivering the call for reform of the times and Bridges places himself square in the middle of being the message bearer of today.”

“Justin James Bridges (while in a wheelchair) rocked the [Hempstalk] crowd and also performed with others after playing his own set.”

“...Justin James Bridges don't take no shit from the man, using his music as activism against the police state and the oppression of the populace through wack policy...all with a peace pipe in his hand. ...His like butter blues guitar and road stories make for good travelin' music or just something to have playing while you're making soup cuz soup is the shit.”

“While he performs at the cafe, Bridges’ new CD will launch online, a second 710 celebration. Justin is a long-time supporter of the World Famous Cannabis Cafe, so it is very fitting that he perform his new songs live for the first time on the cafe stage. His unique Texas Blues infused style combined with his lyrics that reflect his love of cannabis make him a must-have addition to any weedist’s musical collection.”

“Justin’s performance was magical. He was brought up in his wheelchair to an empty chair awaiting him. With his arm in a sling he was handed his guitar and clumsy held it and addressed the audience. All band members are people he meet at camp, drawn to his gentle spirit and infectious musical talent. Justin mentions that the large band is needed to fill the void he cannot fill on stage due to his disability. While a little life was breathed back into Justin through this performance, a morale booster for sure, I cannot help but reflect on all that the police took from him, and us, during that eviction.”

“Justin James Bridges plays music from the soul and doesn’t know any other way… an artist full of potential to become BIG… ”

“Oregon Green Free (OGF) is proud to announce the 7th annual Oregon CareGrowers Cup. "The cup" is a state-wide medical cannabis cultivation contest in which some of Oregon's most caring and skilled growers donate roughly two ounces of their best grown medicine to be tested, criticized and documented. Ninety judges will be smelling, squeezing, vaporizing, and documenting the affects of each entrant's cannabis. Judges must be registered cardholders in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP). The winners of the cup will be announced April 30th at a banquet style party for OMMP cardholders at Club Paesano in Gresham. The party will include live music, door prizes, educational information, vendors, and a famous delicious feast offered up by an amazing core staff of volunteers. Bands include Rayllway, Justin James Bridges, a live DJ and there is rumored to be some live art to watch as the music plays.”

“It will mean a lot to all of us as the OMMP Grower/Patient/CareGiver system voted for by the people of this State and approved by the Oregon Legislature is being attacked by the very people who should be protecting it. Rally for Medical Marijuana this Sunday June 26th in Portland Pioneer Courthouse Square. 3:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. There will be live music by Justin James Bridges”

“popVLTR: You're known for your live shows, what's it like performing on stage? JJB: The energy of the audience takes me to a different place, where I'm at peace. I see the music as bright colors and I truly feel alive. It's like when I'm on stage everything's right with the world and I know why I was put here.”