The Justice Fire / Press

“Most of Paper Dolls’ songs including "Quietly Killed" could be compared to early 80s music, presented by such bands as Sex Pistols, Joy Division, The Pixies, Sonic Youth and The Smiths. There are also echoes of Talking Heads when it comes to the vocals, performed in an "I'm high, I'm nervous and I'm lost" frame of mind, delivered by a fragile man.”

“Indie Band Guru had the opportunity to get a listen to some of Paper Doll’s latest musical output. There is just a raw energy that seems to emanate from all of their tracks. ‘Stix And Stones’ is a chunky and sometimes sloppy track that brought back memories of early Nirvana music (before they hit the mainstream). This is grunge punk at its finest. Another song that showed some influences was ‘Quietly Killed’. There is some Strokes like guitar work here with vocals that bring back recollections of older artists like the Smiths or The Cure even. The duo shows that they can bring that crude vigor to the video world too with their low budget video for ‘Rock n Roll’. An amusing and entertaining chase scene involving a Teddy Bear headed man needs to be seen.”