Justice Dunn / Press

“very nice touch with the rain and the classical guitar setting the tone. very cool heavy guitar riff intro. great performance and well thought out arrangement. great Job.”

Incarnate Word - Mixposure.com

“I love the sound scape intro. Killer crunch guitar and heavy riffs. way to introduce metal. Excellent performance. Great Job. Blistering guitar riffs...oh did I say blistering Guitar riffs . yes I did. excellent.”

Incarnate Word - Mixposure.com

“cool hip hop flare with Spanish influence. Piano is really great in this as well. Great performance. This is a great instrumental. Great Job. the guitar playing is spot on. Excellent Job”

Incarnate Word - Mixposure.com

“Oh man this would make a killer back track in a movie and I should know I write for that genera. this really rocks. killer arrangement and sense of keen perception. the electronic a contrasting the post modern metal feel. great Job.”

Incarnate Word - Mixposure.com

“cool wicked sound! diggin this heavy stuff! Rock on!! Thumb up!!!”

The Accentrix - Stereofame

“Do what ya do man! Your playin' the fire outta that guitar! And, the drums! Play hard n' have FUN! A big ol' thumb UP from your Bros”

Rather Bros - Stereofame

“Man, I love your way of loving your axe!!! You do a great job!!! And this piece has some interesting elements in it that I like. A bit of Electronica in places, but mostly it's just a terrific jam! Awesome work, which will be on my show after Christmas Day! NICE!!!!!”

Mike-K - Mixposure

“I quite like this, the idea of an acoustic guitar sequence over strings with a hip hop beat has an intriguing quality which you pulled off very well indeed. This piece has depth and a sense of melancholy. Nice work”

Markyone - Mixposure

“Thoroughly enjoyed this track! Great driving rhythms that had me on the verge of severing vertebrae in my neck!! Blistering solos, and some very cool breaks! I'm a big fan of guitar driven instrumentals. F'n well done!!”

Iam Dunn - mixposure.com

“As they say on the Mix 'not my favourite genre but.....' the guitars are powerful and there is enough of interest to pull it off.”

ftlpope - mixposure.com

“Solid tune! Great guitar playing and a sound to die for. This just has some kick ass guitar playing!”

Dazed - mixposure.com

“Cool opener man! (5 Dead) Liked the hidden guitar tone and then Wham!! In your face...Nice grind to the rythem guitars! Great lead work as well! Awesome track!!”

“Raw power is unleashed!”

Sleeve - Ourstage

“Very deso and powerful as the thump, punch chordZ come blaZeN N...screachy synth works well against the BeatZ and throb rhythm...drop outZ R coooool FX...the off beat TroniX platform is Nchanting and creative...very Nventive soundscape of EEERIE!!! ThanX 4 sharing and letting us listN”

...~Austn - Mixposure

“This is very nice. (Holy Angel) But is it really safe to use the electric guitar when the weather is so bad ?”

Saladindetolosa - Mixposure

“Holy Angel rocks! rock on bro,”

Digger - Mixposure

“....!! Great title "Fulda Werewolf" ! That got my eye right away. Solid tune ... superb guitar work... I liked the creative production...well done. Tight, with excellent instrumentation. Thanks for sharing your music..... All the best,”

Larry T/TLT50.......Wolf - Mixposure