JustDave / Press

“That JustDave rocks with authority is clear, but their excellent new CD, “Well I Never…”, also showcases the band’s capacity for delivering solid pop-rock tunes that are as immediate as they are enduring. With meaningful lyrics, tightly layered harmonies and biting, guitar-driven arrangements, “Well I Never…” finds JustDave mixing some distinctly ‘80’s-era pop sounds (“Professional Victim” & “The Inconvenient Truth”) with Classic Rock sensibilities (“Hard To Breathe” and “I Can’t Be Wrong All the Time”) in a seamless, 12-song collection that’s strong from start to finish. Other highlights include the Blue Oyster Cult-like “Fractured” and the echo-laden power ballad, “When It All Comes Down,” but throughout the album JustDave’s musical instincts prove spot-on. Well-conceived and equally well-played, JustDave’s latest CD, “Well I Never…,” finds the English band hitting on all cylinders in delivering an album that rocks with timeless”

“Exquisite! - mind blowing pop music and vocals combined that have not been heard in ages! - Very friendly on the ears - Kudos!”

“(Song Review of JustDave - Hard to Breathe) Brilliant!!!! This is great work. There have only been a few GREAT songs on here. You are one. Original vocals. You sound like "Nothing Rhymes With Orange" Great vocalist and drums and background vocals. Another rare 5 Congrats superstahr!!!”