Chris Crown / Press

“Slum Society ent has no success story. But it will be a story of success. The New Entertainment company is designed to further the careers of independent artists and entertainers that haven’t been seen by the “mainstream” industry. Talent is all around us. In the chef that dreams of being an MC, or the security guard that wants to pursue a life in the UFC. You have to cultivate and motivate these talents in the direction of their foreseen stardom. Our first exceptional talent goes by the name of Chris Crown. Crown has done it all from underground battles to winning competitions hosted by Major publications such as The Source Magazine, and The FEDS Magazine. From there he went on to open up shows at arenas and concert venues for 50 cent, Lil Wayne, Kat DeLuna, N.O.R.E., Busta Rhymes and more.”


“It’s hard to stay away when it sounds so good. Terrific tracks…All the best”

Pat Branch Songwriter - ReverbNation

“yoo whats good, tight flow, dope music, luv the vids especially the "we grind" joint.. shout outs to u and ya whole team, biggups to brooklyn”

Shorty Blade - reverbNation

"Scrapa in line with raps elite to take himself to the top"

Carribean Life

“Who's next to spit fire?”

Lerroy Pepples - The Source magazine