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“Absolutely astounding guitar work, Clay. Wonderful vocals! Particularly love Christine! Whoever follows you on stage has a hard act to follow!!! Sal”

"i wanna live" - great power and guitar work. really enjoyed the listen. best wishes and success, egon erger

“You tear those leads up! Great guitar playing, lots of energy!”

“Classic by Just Another Cat With A Guitar... fantastic! Haven't heard some of these songs in a while.... great to hear your version!”

Tima Montemayor - Catbox Liner

“Great music, sound, arrangement, vocals & performance. Lovely guitar work. Best regards BW”

Bonn Witty - Catbox LIner

“Your page and your music have so much personality!!! From your bio, to your sound and songs... very nice. :)”

Stephanie Lee - Catbox LIner

“Hi David, Sounding Fantastic and thanks for fanning me! Really like this awesome song Riders on the Storm! The title grabbed my attention immediately! Will listen on some more as I am enjoying your creative spirit Immensely! Your fan, Heleana Maria”

Heleana Maria - Catbox LIner

“Can't Find My Way Home is great blues my friend! You have a Terrific Signature sound and your groove is Awesome in every song!”

Heleana Maria - Catbox Liner

“Wow! Great Blues SOUND!!!!”

Roberto Cordero Jazz - Catbox Liner

“Enjoying your playlist David...you sure are a cool (cat) with that guitar of yours....love your cover of "Riders in the Sky"..Brilliant!!!..Paul”

Paul Dunn - Catbox Liner

“I do believe you have a lot of talent Mr. Cat! Great vocals, and fantastic guitar licks too. Enjoyed the listen.”

Brett Service - Catbox Liner

"Riders on the Storm"...Great Song!! Wonderful Sound!! Best Regards~ J.O.A.

J.O.A. - Catbox Liner

“Feelin' Good -- Such a wonderful tune. Nice vocals & cool smooth musicianship. Keep shinning With brilliancy.”

Ashton Haze - Catbox Liner

“Great southern rock sound! "truckin" is a very catchy song with a traditional vibe. nice!”

Attack Karma - Catbox Liner

“Love Riders on the Storm! Awesome guitar playing here! Thanks for stopping by and best of luck to you!”

Devin Renee - Catbox Liner

“One word, Amazing!...Listened to "Turn The Page" and it's better than Bob Seger's version, the vibe is awesome, all the best, Rocko and JV”

The Honest Mistake Band - Catbox Liner

“Hey everyone, do yourself a favor and just hit "play all" and sit back... you'll be glad you did!!!!!!”

Otto Zone - Catbox Liner

“Hey everyone, do yourself a favor and just hit "play all" and sit back... you'll be glad you did!!!!!!”

Catbox Liner

“Hey everyone, do yourself a favor and just hit "play all" and sit back... you'll be glad you did!!!!!!”

Catbox Liner

““You Told Me That You Loved Me” features some of the most mellow, yet high-energy, guitar playing I’ve heard (yet) this year! This is one STRONG set… 69, that’s right, SIXTY-NINE streams for your listening pleasure. Be sure to tell ‘em Rotcod Zzaj sent you their way!!! I am definitely LOVIN’ this music!”

“I saw your username and had to come by for a listen. Three songs later, I'm still here... And I'll be back!”

TERUKO - Catbox Liner

“Back for more outstanding blues, Cat. Tonight's favorite cut: Hollywood. Tone is awesome, love the harmonies, this is just damn tasty. You da man. I mean da CAT. by the fire on a frozen Montana mountain top - Tom Jan 14”

Tom Balek - Catbox Liner

“She can dance is fantastic. I'm chair dancin right now!!”

“After the "Cowboy Song" my November blues has disappeared.I feel full of power and energy. Thanks!!!”

“Love your version of Hush. I saw Deep Purple a couple of years back, I think you do the tune justice. Love the CAT STYLE! I'm sure they would love it too! Alex. ”

“ He's smooth and silky... This cat will leave you purring! The Southgate Boys ”

“Oh Yeah!! You're a really COOL cat!! Brilliant!!”

“I was expecting just another cat with a guitar until I had a listen............wow!...you blew me away...great band!..good luck with your music man!”

“Not Just Another Cat With Guitar has the spirit and the playing so fresh it will keep you coming back for more. #1 can't be far off. All my Best, TJ Phoenix”

“Love your tunes! fantastic playlist of classics here! Lots of our all time faves included. "Spooky" has never sounded better! congrats on the great cover of "Sultans of Swing", "Key to the Highway" and really , all the tracks are great new takes on the originals. Love that guitar picking too!”

“The Song Christine -- this is when Molly Hatchett and Lynnyrd got unified and out came a baby named-Just another..... all the best Tompaz ”

“Hello David and band! Great music, enjoyed hearing your tracks...especially that awesome classic Spooky! Please stay in touch. ”

“Nice songs here! Walk Away is really beautiful. Great guitar work! ~TUNER~ ”

“ Hey Cat, Great music. The perfect blend of rock, jazz, and blues. Jeff Cook ”

“ Meow! Hey Cat, I just "scratched" the surface of your very smooth soulful music. It's absolutely "purrrfect" I appreciate your comments in regards to my music. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with reverb fans. From the "feline" of Essential Blues, and The Tom Cats I play with :-) ”

“Love your posted music...very cool licks. I also love all the cool cats in your pictures. Rock on ..Hope to get to see you perform some day soon.”

“such great grooves can only come from TEXAS! Love the style and groove from you and team as well!! Keep up the keepin' on.”

“That is One talented Cat!!..:) "You don't say"...Love it!”

“Hey Brother Cat, You be grooving my friend...I'm digging smooth guitar tone and your rocking licks (cat's love to lick) Sweet Les Paul you got too. Sounds like playing through a fender twin? Whatever amp, very cool!!! Peace my friend, otto”

“You are one of the coolest cats I know!”

“Hey Hep Cat! :) Just passing by to listen to some cool tracks... need cool stuff in this heat!! Sounding great!! Peace Mark - Leighting and Shields Band”

“You got some killer tone!”

“Great playing and great tone -- you're much more than just another cat with a guitar. Hopefully, we'll get the chance to play together someday. ”

“Thanks for sharing your music. Nicely done! ”

Deborah Blake - Catbox Liner

“Fantastic ”

“Hey - just another cat with a guitar you are amazing!!! Thank you for reaching out to me. I just love the sound and lazy beat of "you told me that you love me" the vocals, the lyrics. The wicked guitar riffs and change ups and wowwwww the sexy saxophone...”

Flowergirl077 - Cat Box Liner

“Whew! you guys can rock it with the best of 'em. Keep it up!”

Brainchild - Catbox Liner

“This cat can play wow cool one God bless RWJ”

undyingspirit21 - Catbox Liner

“Lovin this bluesy rock sound! Yeah, real smooth and hot!”

Destination Dawn - Catbox Liner