Jussi Reijonen / Press

“A borderless music meeting… Un is an unheard-of, exciting and fine album... This I want to hear live!”

“A still, spacious, slowly unwinding masterpiece from the Finnish oudist/guitarist and his quartet.”

“Extraordinary music... [Reijonen's] playing is deep and profoundly nuanced throughout. [His] oud work is superb, but it is the ways in which he has applied oud techniques and sensibilities to guitar – particularly fretless – that are most likely to blow [Guitar Player] readers’ minds.”

“Musical cultures and sensibilities cross, evocatively... without blinking or apologizing.”

“Reijonen’s musical universe has no frontiers. It is a beautiful, sensual mosaic of traditions and influences.”

“Un convinces on every level, and is therefore comparable to groundbreaking albums by pioneers such as John McLaughlin, Ralph Towner, Oregon and the like. ★★★★”

“The word virtuoso has been tossed about to the point by some critics, including myself, where the true meaning may be lost in an attempt to lavish Jussi Reijonen with the high praise he so richly deserves. [...] Incredibly close to perfect as one can achieve.”

“The term Un is a suffix to a noun that puts the word in an indefinite state of being. In making this record with all of his stupendous sense of the indefinite—and therefore infinite—spatial aspects of musical sound, Mr. Reijonen has crafted something truly unique. 5/5 – Excellent”

“...an incredible mix of Middle Eastern and African rhythms with a slight underlying of Scandinavian jazz. If you’re into World Music of the highest order, then you’ll love this fascinating and compelling listening album. [...] No doubt about this being a five star album.”