Jus Ra / Press

“I thoroughly enjoyed “Blood Sacrifice”. From the beats to the lyrics, this album was entertaining and grew to listen to. Jus Ra’s lyrical ability pairs up with a monster flow that does not disappoint.”

“Overall "Blood Sacrifice" is a fine piece of art that invites listeners into the world of anyone who is currently on their quest to succeed in the business. If you are an aspiring artist it's safe to say that with "Blood Sacrifice" you've been spoken for and it's been long overdue”

"started listening and was immediately sucked into banging the whole project all the way through. Jus Ra is real ill with the flow, vocabulary and all around emcee presence. A.P. definitely gives Jus Ra some ill shit to rock over"

"Ra is a great emcee, this is the first time I've heard of him, but dude can spit"

"Flint emcee Jus Ra teamed up with Flint producer A.P. for their Hi Hill Recordings debut Duality Complex. Right off the bat, Jus Ra catches your attention with powerful lines – over the perfect A.P. production – such as, “Niggas dressin’ like bitches, the bitches got a penis/and everybody knows about the society secrets/a man kiss another man everybody can see it, he just claim blood gang [and] everybody delete it.” Get your FREE copy of the project below!"

“So I listened to this album once all the way through, and this shit is crazy dope. Definitely has instant replay value, the aspects of this project I like this most is how Jus Ra shows off his versatile skillset on the mic. It seems like dude can rap on any type of beat, which I think is a point that definitely needs to be recognized. Jus is mos def one of the dopest up and comers on the mic out of Michigan, honestly just the game period. Make sure yal do yourself a favor and support, you will not be disappointed.”

“Flint native Jus Ra's Not Without Doubts features tracks with Shava Jay, Tino and J-Duces. Do not sleep on this dude!”

"One of the dopest up and coming emcees out period, dude has the potential and work ethic to make a living with this music no question"

"Big ups to the homie Jus Ra, I believe he dropped this around xmas, but I forgot to post it....first heard of homie from my dude Glory, and I was instantly impressed....Dude got crazy flow, and some lyrical content to back it up....Make sure yal support this project, I promise you will be impressed....I am also working with Jus Ra on a couple joint in the future, he will be featured on my Love For The Music album coming out in April...STAY TUNED!"

"Flint, MI emcee Jus Ra hits us with an early Christmas present in the form of a well-to-do mixtape which also serves as a prelude to his upcoming January release, Not Without Doubts. Download and enjoy."

"This kid from the mid-west is making his move to become one of the top artists not only from the middle of the map, but on the entire underground scene. Jus Ra has been putting in work for some time and his new mix tape is here, Hope and Despair, so light up the good stuff, download, sit back and enjoy the solid music."

“One of the homies on twitter from Flint, Michigan. Definitely dope track right here. If you like this there is definitely more to come from the homie. "And so the media takes us and paints us in this negative light. They depicted us as like, We the cause of the ghetto. We projected the plight we just put a mirror to it and directed the light. And we showed the whole world we directed the sight. They don't like what they reflection is like, right? And then music was sold for the fame and gold. If you wanna play ya part then you better play ya roll. -Jus Ra"”

“Shot out to my nig Glorydayz for putting me on to Jus Ra...this dude is flames, and his latest release is legit from top to bottom....Michigan is killin fools right now, big ups to flint!”

“This my boy Ra…Ra Sun to be exact and this song Victory Lap is the first single off of his ill cd “Not Without Doubts”.Its due out this November and from hearing the verocity of his voice you can tell its gone be crazy,check it out.”

“Jus Ra is an upcoming MC, and with his newest single, Victory Lap, you can hear why he is a force that the whole industry is going to feel. No Watered down BS with this kid, just hot bars, dope beats, and that rawness.”

“Gearing up for his upcoming album, Not Without Doubts, check out this exclusive track from Flint, MI-native Jus Ra. Support good music!”