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“Advanced music makers retreat Music is a form of networking, isn’t it? I mean one plays, one hears, synapses snap to attention, do their thing and a network is formed. To further expand on this you might consider joining Junk Box Mike’s Acoustic Music Retreat at the Thorpe House in Metamora this weekend. You are invited to “come swap ideas with songwriters and musicians from around the state in a weekend long jam session at the Cat and the Fiddle.” For those who’ve been following our drama ‘As Metamora Turns,’ the Cat and the Fiddle has moved into the Thorpe House B&B/restaurant and is hosting musical events like the winterized Final Friday Open Mike, which just happens to be this week as well. Music starts at 7 pm with board and bed available at the B&B, btw. This open mike will be a special one since the musicians from Mike’s retreat will no doubt be on hand. To register for the full weekend package call Mike at 317 413-6813. ”

“I had caught Junk Box briefly nearly a year ago. This time around, we have just one person from there: Junk Box Mike takes the stage next, only he’s not alone. Joining him on fiddle is fellow participant John Bowyer on the mandolin (but more on him later). Though fast paced, rock usually dominates my playlist, and I will admit to drifting off a little during some of his slower songs, Junk Box Mike seemed very relaxed and had a great feel for what he was doing. I know I’m supposed to tune out Bowyer for this section, but I thought the mandolin was a nice touch to Mike’s country-western/folk style. Best of all? He tried to get some crowd participation going, as to not seem like he was performing to a wall, but instead, a room full of people. But he’s not done yet. Why? Because he has a part in John Bowyer’s set. There is no change on stage. Instead this time it’s Mike who performs in a backing role with an upright bass as Bowyer takes us through a folk-laden journey”

“Junk Box Mike brought a touch of rustic charm to The Acoustic LIVE Challenge with warm vocals, countrified lyrics, and mandolin support from John Bowyer. He dressed the part and played with confidence. “We’re gonna play some hilljack music for you,” Mike announced before beginning his set with his instantly-likable song “Charlie Mac”. ”

“Some artists are storytellers, spinning legends out of characters and situations they've created. Other artists, are legends and stories unto themselves. In that analogy, I like to think of Junk Box Mike more as a portrait painter. The body of his work focuses around people, places, and themes in his life (by themes, I mean fishing) whose broad strokes are something we can all identify with. They seem real to us, because they are real to him. Sure, Bob Seger can do an entire album about laboring thanklessly for the man, but we know a day of work for him largely revolves around planning his trip to the mailbox to pick up his royalty check. When Junk Box Mike performs, you can be assured that, were you to walk up to him after the show and buy him a beer, you'd meet exactly the same guy you pictured in your head while you listened to his songs. I encourage you to try this! ”

“Junk Box Mike CD release show Saturday, April 2, 2011 Birdy’s 2131 E. 71st Street doors 7:30, 21+, $5. This show promises non-stop entertainment. Junk Box Mike is celebrating the release of his album, From My Recliner. I suggest that you launch yourself off of your recliner this evening. Three bands will play – Morgan n Tom, Jethro Easyfields and Junk Box Mike and His Friends will wrap it up. Comedian Aaron Buckner will emcee and perform between sets. Junk Box Mike has some pretty talented friends – and the majority of them are named John/Jon.. His band includes, Gary Wasson, Jon Martin, John Gilmore, John Bowyer, Delmar Lincon, Gary Rakow and John Macksey. Junk Box Mike describes his music as true-to-life, writing about love, heartbreak, people and fishing. This evening promises to be big junky fun. Rumor has it that is also Mike’s birthday. ”

“Sound Check: Junk Box Mike Jim E Jam Hosts another Sound Check with local musician Junk Box Mike. ”

“ The Center for the Performing Arts has finalized plans for the Palladium’s January 22-30 grand opening week presented by St.Vincent Health. The celebration will begin with a ceremonial ribbon cutting scheduled for Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 11 a.m. 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. – Community Day Sponsors: Vectren, Dodd Technologies, Inc. Back-to-back musical performances on the Palladium stage as part of “Take Center Stage at the Palladium.” This musical showcase features all ages and a variety of talent from across Indiana. Auditions were held on December 28. Videos of auditions available at http://atCarmel.com/tv http://currentincarmel.com/read-online”