Juniper Green / Press

“Your style is so unique. I haven't heard anything like it!”

Amir Windom - A&R, Atlantic Records

“Their music, good looks, and charisma have won over our audience. By far, the most popular live act we have on the air.”

Neal Steele - Xtra 99.1 FM

“Real music is dead in this day and age. You guys make me proud of my generation.”

Chris Willis - via Facebook

"Hi Guys, I judged a talent comeption a few months ago you two were in. I went back to work at the radio station and told them all how fantastic you guys are."

Charlie Lassiter - 99.1 FM

"...you guys ARE AMAZING!!!! Would love to have you play again sometime, hope you come out and play for us tonight at open mic. Thanks, Ana"

Ana Ferraira - Wild Rabbit Cafe'