Jungol / Press

"..the band has steadily created a buzz by consistently making solid music that garnered the attention through word of mouth, gleaned acknowledgement and attracted a strong, devoted fanbase. With an impressive following, including many of the fellow musicians in the city, Jungol's reputation grew organically. "

"Jungol's movement continues to gain momentum and they have done nothing but accelerate that momentum with Over the Sun and Under the Radar. The album stays true to Jungol's indefinable experimental path...thriving tribal beats, soaring guitar riffs, electro pop power and skyrocketing and passionate vocals that will no doubt carry Jungol and Over the Sun and Under the Radar to the glory that they both undoubtedly deserve.."

"Having established a solid loyal fan base up and down the east coast with their energetic hyper kinetic stage shows, as well as having the support of local radio stations like 99X, they recently released their new album Over the SunUnder the Radar and to a sold out crowd at The Earl."

"I interviewed Jungol at the Earl just prior to their performance the night of their CD release show for Over The Sun, And Under The Radar. By the time the second band was mid-set, the place was brimming with people from wall to wall, all eager to hear the talented trio’s new material. After reviewing their last album, Places, I already knew that between the hypnotizing vocals and skillful melodies their new album would be a smash among the crowd."

"They have found a way to distill all of their knowledge, built upon years and years of sonic experimentation, into sharply focused pop with an uncompromising quantity of artistic depth.."

"On its fourth full-length album, Over the Sun and Under the Radar, Jungol has embraced that electronic side introduced on its Places EP.."

"Brothers Josh and Graham Yoder share the stage in equally incredible distinction, switching off on instruments, never allowing one to take more of the spotlight over the other. From what I read in other reviews and interviews, they give a great amount of value to the writing process, and it shows. Jason on drums adds the perfect amount of backbone to his intensely creative band mates and together, the three of them manage to pump out music that has only a few can create. Their creative process and ability shines through with exceptional brilliance and the music they make both inspires and provokes."

"With the recent unveiling of their self-produced EP Places, Jungol's music is gaining some serious headway in Atlanta complete with screaming fans, blushing girls and tours up and down the East Coast."

Christina Belknap - Southeast Performer 2009

"If you’re looking for the next band to make an impression on the Atlanta music scene, look no further. The Jungol’s concoction of futuristic accents meshed with their indie rock backbone creates a sound of today with a hint of tomorrow."

“With so-called neoprog fading and groups like Ohm, Mars Volta, the Izz, and other cutting edge players moving back in, talent and erudition re-enter the arena, and it's more than obvious Jungol has been woodshedding like crazy.. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what made the greats great.." ”

"The sound is characteristic of much of the indie and progressive rock popular today, appealing to urban hipster types with a penchant for vocal effects. Jungol has the mass appeal of the The Killers, with something of a radio friendly vibe, but in keeping with their artistic integrity."

"Despite little media recognition, prog rock is alive and well. Young, talented bands such as Atlanta's Liquid Jungle are as influenced by King Crimson's jagged attack as U2's grander arena-rock tendencies and, most importantly, have the chops to pull off that dynamic mix."