JungleNoize / Press

"Junglenoize sounds more like a group of musicians young enough to approach prog-rock working backwards from Metallica, and winding up, somehow, at Black Sabbath" - J. Martin (San Antonio Current, March 2010)

Jeremy Martin - Artist Review

"While listening to their music, you get a kaleidoscopic sense of their existence. JUNGLENOIZEe puts a contemporary twist in their resonance by fusing genres like jazz, soul, psychedelic and classic rock. Their unique style of music has multi-cultural influences as well as references to pop culture. While they played a live show, a tapestry of the zodiac calendar hung behind them and a Mexican flag covered an amp like a tablecloth." “We try to make it a full-on experience. We try to tailor to as many senses as we can. You don’t go and passively watch us play. We want it to be more interactive and engaging,” Maley said. "The psychedelic undertones flowing within their music are also reflected in the hands of Bishop whose artistic abilities are inspired by Junglenoize’s sound and vice versa. The basic concept is like equal balance of music and art,” Bishop, said. His work is a mix of swirling colors and images, which have a surrealistic feel as well as a geometric harmony."