“..Junebug Spade from Oklahoma City were engaging. No frills indie pop (with occasional brit-pop sounding sections), there was nothing revolutionary but in a good way. Think smart, solid rock songs. They seem like they’d be cool dudes to drink beer with and listen to them tell stories. The cool band were understated but nonetheless easily warmed up the crowd and are clearly true believers. You could tell they were psyched to be there but they were professional. Junebug Spade made me thankful that bands are still just trying to make honest music without all the bullshit that dehumanizes and pollutes so much in the mainstream. I don’t mean that to only mean “indie rock” or punk is the only viable organic music. Handsome Furs even recently helped underscore how electronic pop can still be human. It’s about if something feels authentic or reeks of being contrived. When I hear a band like Junebug Spade...doing something that truly sounds from the heart, it warms me up.”

“Pretty rad indie-alternative-rockers, a great choice to open for BtS, and an even better choice for my ears. Halfway into their first song I thought to myself “Hey, these guys are actually fucking awesome.” Just some dudes from Oklahoma, living the rockstar dream (long hair, faded shirts, probably smelled bad). These guys could shred, and used the tried and true soft-loud-soft dynamic that is the hallmark of indie music. This instantly puts me at ease, along with the unmistakable indie guitar twang. They’ve been around for a couple years, but they sound like earlier, rocker Built to Spill, albeit a lot less weird. If you’re a fan of the crap I listen to (see: Crazy Al), check these guys out, or even better, download and support them! After the left the stage to minor amounts of applause, the stage was set and some dudes in ties came out on stage.”

“Openers Junebug Spade played a pleasant strain of psychedelic indie pop rock that would not be out of place in a Wes Anderson movie like Rushmore or Moonrise Kingdom. Their set was highlighted by “Public Display of Affection”, an awesome shambling Kinks-ian tune that has the makings for a big hit.”

“Junebug Spade, of Oklahoma City, would open with the first set of the evening. The band’s no-frills, mildly sloppy rock was charming if not revelatory. Garage-y, guitar driven songs with a slight Southern twang were delivered with a proper combination of enthusiasm (a long-haired, head-banging bassist) and apathy (a singer/guitarist with a major Stephen Malkmus vibe). Second openers, New York City band Caveman, took a more spacey and cerebral approach to their set. Guitars soaked in reverb and delay blended with a haze of keyboard tones, punctuated with bass and two members on percussion for most songs. The result was unexpectedly striking: a refined, danceable set reminiscent of latter-day Walkmen if they listened to more Slowdive records.”

“.. these guys did me a favour and gave this sub-genre a whole new meaning. The band just released their third EP, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which I highly recommend. I’m telling you, you haven’t heard the end of these guys yet!”

“The word “quirk” is defi ned as a peculiar trait or behavior, so people who are depicted as being quirky hold a unique ability to transcend beyond the limits of what is average and ordinary. ”

Oklahoma Magazine - All in a Day Quirk

“Since Junebug Spade experiments with rock music, we experimented with the interview, turning it into a vinyl scavenger hunt. They played a good hand.”

“A little psychedelic, a little Supergrass, these rockers excel at delivering warm and timelessly compelling tracks on this six-song EP.”