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Jumpship Astronaut / Press

“The vocal range of Bryant, especially appealing to the higher registry, is artfully defined, while still layered quite nicely within the pocket. This high registry sound or sweet melody is essential in today's pop and almost all tracks on this 5 song EP have it. Bryant also has much to offer as far as vocal passion, emotion, grit and power without falling into the vocalist-with-supporting-arrangement trap we've all grown accustomed to. One will notice a tragic-sweetness to all the songs meshed with blooming hooks, all while maintaining an intimate "super-sonic" feel. "Lights Burn Out" is Alternative Rock based but its impressive how all these different musical genre's work well together. Also present are exotic beats, thick bass, good vocal feel, and honey coated synth flavoring.”

“Opening up with dance-laden “Romanticize”, and then one of my favorite tracks “Something to Outrun”, this band just rocks the house. Next, “Kaleidoscopes” served up a more direct and a harder approach, with a style and grace as tantalizing as the bass and vocals. As the piece moves forward the guitar progression and rhythm section becomes louder, groovier. What I like about this EP, is that the first 3 tracks are very melodic and passive, whereas the rest of the CD shifts gears with a more straight forward alternative rock artisanship in my opinion. Influences include: M83, LCD Soundsystem, Passion Pit, Bruno Mars, and even The Police. I can hear Muse, MGMT, Two Door Cinema Club and perhaps Talking Heads. In close, “Lights Burn Out” by Jumpship Astronaut is a solid release that upholds the alt-rock standard set by the rock gods back in the late 90’s... even the 80’s (Depeche Mode).”

“Here’s an EP release I’ve been dying to get my hands on for a while. I was just unable to stumble across these guys until today. It’s very subliminal, and a grand concept that’s sure to get many peoples attention. From the production level, to the musicianship involved, “Lights Burn Out” by Jumpship Astronaut delivers in grand fashion. With the advent of this band to mainstream rock, with their superlative signature sound and trademark moniker, everything here works terrifically well. It will keep you in a state of positive wonderment from start to finish. Jumpship Astronaut have a really strong tonal foundation coupled with heavy rhythms, hypnotic keyboards and synthesizers with spaced out goodness vocally. The vocals from Bryant are well executed and the lyrics are to say the least interesting.”

“After doing some initial research – this is one “fun” band that’s surging right now and drawing followers and fans by the droves. Some artists have been around for a while, but nonetheless exist beneath our radar screens. Oklahoma’s own Jumpship Astronaut is no longer beneath the radar, having signed with Spectra Records. Their latest EP is entitled “Lights Burn Out.” So how would I describe this CD? It’s a supernova of passion and sound exploding into your soul, a game changer in a world that needs a new musical direction. Wow that felt good! “Lights Burn Out” has a special melodic element to it combining rocking fretwork, well placed harmonies, a guitar-driven English rock-influenced beat that evolves perfectly as the EP advances. I especially like the merge of classic keyboard accents, drums with an amazing 70’s feel. Enter in the impressive vocal work from Bryant meshed with the clever lyrics you have the perfect setting for a breathtaking EP.”

““Lights Burn Out” by Jumpship Astronaut is an amazing ride through the brilliant mindset and musical psyche of Bryant and company. At the end of the day they deserve a lot of credit for being true to themselves. This CD is a bit risky but at the same it’s celebratory, glory full return of feel good Alternative Rock at its best with a slight 80’s flair. Its strong suit is the amazing arsenal of songs and melodies these performers brings to the table via intellectually stimulating vision and songwriting craft. Jumpship Astronaut is a gift to the modern music world.”

"Jumpship Astronaut are one Oklahoma based band who are paying their dues, beating the pavement and have played numerous shows around that region thus far. Did I mention they are now signed to Spectra Records? Why do I get the impression we’ll be hearing more from these guys real soon. This EP “Lights Burn Out” will be a great pickup for cult followers, or if you’re in a tripped out mood or looking to instill a more 80’s electro grooved one. While this is music you could work or play to, it’s most suited to a more mind melding contemplation – just sit back and let it happen. Don’t tyro to define it – just become one with it. If you do this your senses will feel like they are drunk on life. Now isn’t that something we could all use a little more of in our lives right no? Jumpship Astronaut sets it all to well."

“Why: A name that would be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 40,000 points in a game of Scrabble, I like to think that this band was the inspiration for the movie “Gravity.” What It Makes You Think Of: Felix Baumgartner Fun Anagram: “Past Janitor Humps U””

“Jumpship Astronaut is four energetic young guys that, from what I can tell, really like to party, dance, and have a good time: they also happen to be decent at playing instruments. Sure, this album may not hold any revelations or musical genius, but its fun. And whats wrong with fun? It was like any second I was expecting the lights to dim in my room and a giant disco ball to slowly descend out of my ceiling and start spinning. House beats, buzzy synths with very major-driven melodies, and simple but catchy vocals: the formula for great Jumpship Astronaut music.”

“After checking out Lights Burn Out EP by Jumpship Astronaut I abandoned any hopes of finding any serious flaws. This EP is an impressive statement nonetheless that clearly proves this band is a force to be reckoned with around Oklahoma and beyond. I especially like how the songs are quite dynamic and danceable yet they still maintain strong marketability and melodic structure. I look forward to checking out more material from Jumpship Astronaut - hopefully this summer.”

“Opening track 'Romanticize' belts into the sound with some hard-hitting synth and instrumentals. The vocals are smooth and contemporary. A real authentic vibe is heard through these guys' sound. Follow up tune is 'Something To Outrun', another upbeat, party-suited track. It actually embarks on a more Rock journey, leaving their electronic sound to slack a little. The mix of sounds throughout this EP blend into a sort of Pop-Rock muse. 'Return' captivates a free-flowing, groovy melody in tune with crisp vocals rolling out well written lyrics. To be honest, I really enjoyed this new tint in Jumpship Astronaut. Final track, 'Ghost' came impressively close to 'Something To Outrun' for the spot as track of the EP. Eerie backing vocal responses shine through and the entire track insists on a greater depth than previous ones. Top notch mix from this clearly versatile group.”

“There’s not an acoustic strum, hoot or holler to be found in the EP’s five offerings; instead, you’ll find cavernous ’80s synth landscapes, glitzy guitar hooks and an obvious penchant for catchy melodies, covering the full axis of electro-bent pop artists in the process. Standout track “Something to Outrun” does bear a striking resemblance to Chunk of Change-era Passion Pit, although Jumpship Astronaut fills the space that Michael Angelakos left empty with a U2-worthy chorus. The song is bookended by opener “Romanticize” and “Kaleidoscopes,” the former recalling the more sprawling and jam-groove anchored sound of Pretty Lights or Ghostland Observatory, and the latter ratchets up the noise with Lights’ most guitar-driven moments. Ballad “Return” builds like a B-side on the Drive soundtrack before giving way to a more conventional, but well-constructed verse-chorus signature. The airy, radio-friendly “Ghost” brings the album to an epic close.”

“Inevitably, their amalgam of tastes oozes into their music in the form of high-energy, celebratory tunes with a baroque sense of pop melody. Jumpship Astronaut steadily has unearthed its voice in only one year of existence — a period in which most bands struggle to find theirs.”

“The first band was a local band called Jumpship Astronaut. They sound checked their own equipment and walked on stage looking like any other concertgoer, if not slightly more presentable. The band was comprised of a singer/guitarist, two synth players, and a drummer. The sound was very reminiscent of something that would be drifting around the airwaves in the 1980’s. The synths worked in perfect harmony together with the steadfast dance beats. The vocals made young girls and older women alike swoon. After their 30 minute set, they announced that they would be giving out free demos. Half of the crowd bolted for the merch table to grab these homemade demos until they were all gone. ”