JUMPING JACK FLASH, tribute to the Rolling Stones / Press

"the Rolling Stones as vibrant young men--as Young Turks on the verge of greatness."

"What if The Beatles and The Stones had shared a stage?"

"It was a sell out to a thrilled audience.."

"JJF was such a gas, gas, gas!"

"People were screaming the entire time"...

"...they had to look closely to realize that this wasn’t the actual band, but was really Jumping Jack Flash, a phenomenal tribute band to the Rolling Stones!"

"Jumping Jack Flash gives Satisfaction!"

"Jumping Jack Flash has wowed audiences for years..."

“Yesterday and Jumping Jack Flash will perform "The Best of the Brits"...”

"An outdoor concert will take place on the famous floating stage..."

"Mike Ness (Social Distortion) and Jumping Jack Flash set to perform..."