Julius Myth / Press

“so sick. Dope sample, dope flow, just overall, an amazing track. I am a huge fan of Julius Myth, and I really don't understand why he doesn't get more hype than he gets, because to be honest, he has some serious talent. Anyway, amazing track as always, so check it out, and Enjoy it.”

“People sleep on artists all the time. We’re too focused watching people rise to mainstream, we lose sight of other players, and what they stand for. Julius Myth is underrated but with the stuff he’s been putting out in the last six months or so, he looks like he may be on the rise. Julius Myth is an NYC based artist. Dude reminds me a lot of Jay-Z in terms of his flow and his actual voice. “100 Feet Up” is a chill song that you can definitely just kick back to. The kids singing in the chorus is pretty dope too, I really can’t tell you why. I’ve been listening to the guy’s stuff the last six months or so and everything he has put out has been solid. Like I said, sometimes we fuck up and sleep on artists. Don’t sleep on Julius Myth.”

“Julius Myth is no one new here on the Goodz a lot of people have been sleeping on him and its time for people to open their eyes and get on his shit. Look for big things from Julius Myth now that he has linked up with NUE Agency”

“First off, I’d like to formally congratulate Julius on his linking up with NUE Agency! I expect HUGE things from this unreal NY MC, and you should all be on the lookout for his performances coming to a town near you! Now on to the good stuff. Here’s a brand new track from the Werfmor MC called “100 Feet Up.” Lyrically, Julius is always on point and is able to kill any beat thrown his way. I’m very excited about what is to come from the Myth Man, and I hope you all keep your eye on him during 2011. Listen and download “100 Feet Up” below and be on the lookout for more Julius Myth music coming your way soon!”

“Here we have someone who hasn’t really been featured on GMAD that much before. Julius Myth is a rapper from NYC (as you can tell by his Jay-Z-esque flow) that has been on the rise recently. A few months ago I actually had a DJ set opening for him in Chicago and got the chance to meet him. After meeting him I decided to check out all his music and all of it is pretty solid. Today though, he leaked this track which is off his upcoming project and I had to post it. With insane sampling and great flow Julius Myth creates a great track that keeps you wanting more. Enjoy!”

“As part of a community of conscious music supporters, we tend to have those occasions where we stumble upon artist that we can for sure say has the talent to be something great. Well for me, Julius Myth is my most recent discovery. Now, considering we previously featured him on the site, it just wouldn't make sense if the Gowhere NY team didn't do whatever we could to link up with him and get to know what he's all about. Fortunately enough for us, he resides here in N.Y. We got the opportunity to meet up with him and follow along to catch a performance he was doing at the Voodoo Lounge in Manhattan. But not before getting footage of a freestyle he kicked and SMASHED for us at his favorite clothing boutique and skate shop 'Belief'...”