Julie Lee / Press

"Julie Lee's stunning gift for narrative songwriting seems without exception to be married to her obsessive fascination with musical texture and color. To hear one is to hear the other; her work listens ...like an impression"

Aaron Roche - Co-Producer of Till & Mule and Will There Really Be A Morning

"Julie Lee can be counted among the city's most beguiling vocalists and most thrillingly creative writers in the folk/Americana/country realm"

The Tennessean

"As a vocalist, she's a powerhouse, owning a solid gold tremolo laced with attitude and blessed with range that she wields with style...a world-class singer."

Billboard Magazine

"Lee's hickory-lean country-folk is all about clean melodies, smart hooks, and honest storytelling; delivered in a honey-husk mezzo that feels so comfortably lived-in, you'll think you've been hearing it for years."

Boston Globe

"Julie Lee is a winning combination of folk, bluegrass, gospel and a touch of blues that establishes her as an artist to watch."

No Depression

"Her soprano sounds conversational, even confidential, but it grabs the high notes and milks them dry. Her songwriting strikes a perfect balance between sharp details and universal resonance, confessional lyrics and singalong melodies, earnest spirituality and self-effacing humor."

Washington Post

"Julie Lee sings with a vengeance. Her pure sweet tone makes for an unmistakable sound."

Joe Ross - Bluegrass Now