Julie Kathryn / Press

"[Black Trees] is executed beautifully both sonically and lyrically, and with nuanced simplicity, to the point of resonating beyond the individual stories of the songs and more in unison with Kathryn’s yearning persona. […] Black Trees projects Kathryn beyond the top of the trees to the sky itself, reaching out to arrange her songs as stars on the coming night sky, never to be obliterated."

“ Singer-songwriter Julie Kathryn is a bit of a newcomer to NYC's music scene, but if the title track to her upcoming album, Black Trees, is any indicator, she's about to make an impact in a big way. Armed with a delicate, yet gorgeous, voice, Kathryn has a knack for emoting her lyrics perfectly.”

“She’s got Audrey Hepburn’s class, Duffy and Macy Gray’s nasaly-yet-soulful voice and Joni Mitchell’s tell-all introspective lyrics.”

“Vulnerable and sweet but tinged with darkness, Julie Kathryn’s Americana noir songs are unavoidably personal.... She exudes maturity and youth all at the same time.”

"On stage Julie shows great skill in relating to her audience and performing finely crafted songs in ways that show an almost visceral sense of rhythm.... Julie sings with an understated intimate style and an exquisite sense of timing that makes you feel that only you and she are in the room."

"[Julie Kathryn’s] solid alto voice is rich in tone, especially in the mid to lower range. Delicate in character, she uses it gently to tell her stories, never pushing or oversinging, which is a breath of fresh air... With her graceful and statuesque demeanor, Kathryn captured the crowd from the onset....Her easygoing style establishes a feeling of immediate comfort with the audience."

“Here’s a summer road trip song for you: Julie Kathryn’s “Windfall.” Fans of Son Volt might remember it from their 1995 album, Trace, but for this recording, it’s reworked as a duet. You can imagine that she and Ari Hest are singing to each other or that they’re sending out a sweet message to listeners who could use a bit of encouragement.”