Julie E Gordon / Press

“RSL have become very popular on the live circuit and because of the nature of the group (“At the core we’re instrumentalists”), bring with them a number of guest musicians playing Trumpet, Rhodes, Bass, Percussion and anything else they can grab. Not to mention Vocalists. “Collaboration is the way forward; we bring these special people in to put the icing on”. The second single “The Mast” stands as a testament to this, featuring the vocal talents of Julie E. Gordon, alongside the brass arrangements of Howard Jacobs (Homelife). Their debut album "Every Preston Guild" was released in 2005.”

“Julie E Gordon is the best thing that’s happened to Manchester since the Hacienda” Richard Serling JazzFM 2004. ”

Richard Serling - Jazz FM

“Mondays' backing singer Julie E Gordon kept the vocals together and crowd favourite Step On saved their performance.”

“...however the stage was taken over by of course Shaun Ryder and the wonderful Julie E Gordon. No she wasn't Bez however her singing dancing and posing made up for much of his absence.”

“Powerfully voiced backing singer Julie Gordon and additional musicians Sonic Audio are just young and reverential enough to the Mondays' legacy to provide spirited and accurate versions of a bunch of the group's classics, from the opening "Rave On" to "Hallelujah", "WFL" and "Kinky Afro".”

“the extremely vocally talented Julie E Gordon quite literally exploded on stage. It was a truly memorable set, especially for their crowd surfing guitarist. Yesteryears Mondays really showed these young pretenders a thing or two… ”

“Finally, but very importantly is Julie Gordon, gospel diva, newcomer from Manchester, rabble rouser and good vibes. Genius !!!”


“the powerful voice of backing singer Julie Gordon carried Ryder along and lifted the Mondays a little above the average.”

“after failed experiments with backing singers, Ryder has found a suitable foil in Julie Gordon, who added her soulful voice to huge chunks of the set.”

“Julie Gordon is the female foil to Shaun's bear statue. She cavorts purposefully, ululating in all the right places.”