Julian Wilson / Press

“Waves Upon the Water ... white horses could not drag me away from your music, Jules, Paul and Beki :) Just listened to the G. Vanelli song in the radio yesterday and liked the allusion to your new one.”


“Jules, your lyrics on the Fludes songs is otherworldly... it's amazing how your mind works... how you can get into the character, and mood and write such things... your huge fan, da boi d”

The Magneto Flobe

“I'm enjoying your various collaborations this morning - beautiful songs and top-notch production! Wishing you continued success in all your musical endeavors!”

Marilyn Mac

“Hey Julian! Just adore what your creating here, very inspiring! Wonderful talent and stay happy always!”

Cotton Bud Bench Pressers

“Summer Waltz is most excellent. Fantastic vocals and instrumentation. Cheers!”

AITG/Agony In The Garden

“LADY ELLA....this is wonderful. I think this is the perfect song for Kim Guthrie. Just superb.”

Steve Inglis

“Awesome tracks--well written and performed music by outstanding talent! Especially enjoyed the lyrics, music, and great vocal work of "Waves Upon The Water"! All the best!”

Slam Horse

"Pain Inside" is gorgeous and "Dakota Woman" amazing! Great work Jules and a great rendition by BG Ryder!

Bob Rylett

“By The Foggy Misty Tyne is absolutely magnificent. Your fine lyrics pair up perfectly with the music, and what a great recording!”

Tom Hedrick

“Stunning beautiful melodies... and one wildly prolific playlist whose roots are clearly Celtic in nature, I can definitely hear the Fairport Convention connection in your music. My children are listening with me, and they are really loving your music. Such a fine treasure of music here.”

Blue Pheonix Radio

“Absolute quality lyric writing~Outstanding work here Jules~I was particularly impressed with "Lady Ella"~the lyrics were great too! lol~Paul”

Paul Dunn - Songwriter

“Jules, you really know how to pull it all together with you and your team of collaborators. Magnificent body of work! Sophisticated & sentimental, emotive & evocative. Still continuing to go thru the playlist.”


“Amazing productions! Great music,lyrics and vocals!Dakota woman is over the top!”

Tassos Sotirakis

“I love the diversity of your music. Amazing! "Waves Upon the Water" is one of my favs!”

Suburban City

“Listening to "Waves upon the water" excellent guitars, and really digging the lyrics. Awsome work.”

Albert Bevia

“Awesome tracks--well written and performed music by outstanding talent! Especially enjoyed the lyrics, music, and great vocal work of "Waves Upon The Water"! All the best!”

Slam Horse

“Lady Ella is simply amazing. Beautiful vocals, excellent instrumentation! Great collaboration. Cheers!”

AITG/Agony In The Garden

“I really love all the compositions from The Fludes... Epic vocal character, excellent orchestra compositions, love the medieval style.. Very inspiring..”


“Jules... I am blown away by the samples of your work with The Fludes. Simply gorgeous.”

Tom Hedrick

“Waves Upon the Water ... white horses could not drag me away from your music, Jules, Paul and Beki :) Just listened to the G. Vanelli song in the radio yesterday and liked the allusion to your new one. Great works as always! Kappi”


“Jules, thank you for listening to my music and your wonderful comments! I am honored that someone with your awesome talent and success listens to my music! I am so thankful for my UK friends.”

MaryJustice Lucas

“Jules, your lyrics on the Fludes songs is otherworldly... it's amazing how your mind works... how you can get into the character, and mood and write such things... your huge fan, da boi d”

The Magneto Flobe

“What a beautiful song is "Summer Waltz" Jules...another excellent collaboration with "The Fludes" .. captivating vocals and your usual high quality lyric writing~ congrats to all involved~Paul”


“It's been great listening to extracts from "The Fludes" forthcoming album. Absolute quality writing from you as usual Jules~Paul”

Paul Dunn - Songwriter

“Jules... I am blown away by the samples of your work with The Fludes. Simply gorgeous.”

Tom Hedrick

“Lady Ella is simply amazing. Beautiful vocals, excellent instrumentation! Great collaboration. Cheers!”

AITG/Agony In The Garden

"the dragon and the fire" is another great one... it's like Fairport Convention... the singer has a crystal tone ala the chicks from FC.... i would've guessed it an old english folk tune... but, the great lyrics and story are by you, Jules... you're firing on all cylanders, maestro... ya boi d

The Magneto Flobe

“..enjoying the entire playlist Jules...great songwriting our friend!”

Davis Brothers/Ashbury

"One Day".... a poignantly beautiful song,beautifully performed.....

The Throdgemorten Five

“Loving the smooth sounds in "These Blues" ... sweet guitar licks!”


“Dakota Woman sounding great, Jules. Immediately grabs the ears and says "Hey, listen to me!" The best songs do that.”

Tom Hedrick

“Lady Ella sounds great. Wonderful collab with the fantastic voice of Kim and the great play of Tom. Congratulations”


“Beautiful melodies and sounds in One Day. Angelic smooth vocals. Enjoyed my listen my friend. Hope all is well”

Jonathan Tambe

“These are such 'proper' songs Julian ~ One Day with Beki Dunn's vocals is beautiful ~ Wish I knew whatever it is you know!! Best as always, Andrew”

Andrew Austin

“Hey Julian, just had a couple of listens to your sample of "Dakota Woman" I can hear why you're super excited about this, it sounds awesome, the guitar is sweet, production...”

KIm Guthrie

“Dakota Woman... well she's come a long way, right? Great words, music, production. Sweet Knopflerish guitar tone. It sounds fantastic in the BG Rider Band version. And congrats to the airplay too, Jules. All the best ~ kappi”


“Julesy... "Dakota Woman" is pure class... reminiscent of all the great country rock bands and stars... the singer is great and the guitar is clean and mean... the production sounds totally PRO!!!! the lyrics are as good as anything by the Eagles, etc... just brought back memories of one of my all time fave genres... jim messina, richie furay, stephen stills, poco... too good friend... ya boi d”

Derek Damico - The Magneto Flobe

“Hey Julian, that's a great twitter status, good things happening with "Dakota Woman", exciting news for sure. "One day" playing now, love the sweet flow of the melody and Rebecca's voice is beautiful as always.”

Kim Guthrie

“Had to drop in for One Day here as well - I´m just hooked...”

Maybe Me

“stopped by and found the remarkable „all the way down the line“. really enjoyed the listen. best wishes and success, egon erger”

Egon Erger

“Enjoying the wonderful "One Day" and Beki's beautiful voice. Have a lovely Wednesday :)”

Fiona MacMahon

“The fact that you can collaborate with other writers, and get these consistently strong and engaging performances out of a variety of artists is a testament to your talent and vision. Huge respect!”

Tom Hendricks

“Love the story in CORNER BROOK GIRL! Great harmonies and guitar work.”

KC Daleigh

“One more replay for 'One Day' after having visited Paul couple of minutes ago. Great work, ya all. Always a pleasure to listen.”


“I am listening with amazement at the talent here. From ONE DAY-Beki Dunn to your song I WISH WE ALL HAD EDEN. Wonderful pure vocals and production.”

KC Daleigh

"You Are My Compass" is very sweet. :) xoxo

Anna Madorsky

“Yes Sir, "I Believe in Love" what a wonderful tune! Love all the little touches, like the reverb on the one guitar stroke .... very cool !”

Jeffrey Whitman

"All the Way Down the Line"... at every point my foot was tapping...Very much liked the chorus..had a nice retro feel to it...Ken has performed the song very well and has done a very good job on the production side of things. Congratulations on your lyrics...the usual high standard that we've come to rely on you for.~Paul

Paul Dunn - Songwriter

“Enjoying the lyrics and 'Talking Heads' vibe to "24 Stories". 'Why teach me how to fly, to let me fall and die' is just classic. All round a superb collaboration! Wishing you the best :)”

Fiona MacMahon

“It´s impossible Not to believe in love, listening to "I Believe in Love" with and by Paul, Julian and Mikalene. Respect and love from Sweden/J”

Vem Kan Segla (project)

“All the way - make me happy! And it´s a great thing! Cheers and Good Luck, friend!”

Bergman Band

“24 Storeys is a lovely sounding collaboration between two very talented fellows. Bravo. Frank Smith”

Sills & Smith

“Listening to All The Way Down The Line and I'm loving the beat and great lyrics! WTG!”

Cindy Larsen

“Love 'I Believe In Love' lovely production and gentle vocals. W&W”


“So many great trax here but *absolutely dig that 24 Storeys tune! Superb from start to finish JW.”


“Started out the new year playing all of Jules wonderful set of songs.Great trackes.Happy New Year......Charles.”

The Fabulous Del Counts

“Hi Julian, We really admire your lyrics and productions. "I wish we all had Eden" is food for thought and a wonderful song!!”

Di & Sven

“you could die is bad, bro!!! you should sing more... you remind me a bit of JJ Cale... ya boi d”

The Magneto Flobe

“….very happy to rest in eden here for a bit. 'They tried to merchandise the sunset' ... Exactly. Great line. Well done, Jules and Ken. Enjoy the night and the calm of the moonlight before it's getting merchandised either. Cheers ~ k.”

Kappi (Kloudworks)

“Hey Jules,we just rocked your entire song list friend.One song is just not enough.”

The Fabulous Del Counts

“Hi Jules — masterful work on "I Wish We All Had Eden" — brilliant lyric, lovely vocal & production !”


“wow, julian, i know he just died, but, you play like the reincarnation of jim hall!!!! i had no idea i was talking to a jazz man!!!! couldn't see the scar, but i saw you play those sweet chords... aiiiiight... ya boi”

The Magneto Flobe

“Having a listen to "These Blues" today, some sweet guitar riffs thrown in there. You have a way with your words, and the vocalist does a wonderful job at conveying the meaning of the words, catchy tune also.”

Kim Guthrie

“I think you're just made of music Jules - a volcano of great ideas and melodies that just have to be expressed. "I Wish We All Had Eden" is spot on for one of those great weepy anthems you get at the climax of a West End musical. Your pal Chris”

Chris Ingram

“Enjoying the majesty of "...Eden..." today. Very, very good piece of composition, Jules.”

Tom Hedrick

“Hello Julian. happy to listen to your songs once again. "I Wish We All Had Eden" is wonderful. You reach my emotion. Thank you... :-)”

Virus B

“hey, boyeeee... stopping by this Sunday morning, to listen and share your great artistry!!!! your biggest fan, da boi”

The Magneto Flobe

“dude, is that Jack Jones singing on "one day?"… no, seriously, that is a helluva vocalist… doing a hilluva song… by the man, JULES!!!!”

Maloa Warriors

“Julian, I'm listening to your remarkable songs tonight. They're absolutely magnificent. The song craft is top shelf, and the playing and arrangements equally so. Enjoying your singing, too. Stellar!”

Tom Hedrick

“Interesting mix of styles! I like how the songs don't sound alike. 24 Storeys has that old-school alternative feel I enjoy so much.”

Judson Klein

“Thank you, Jules! It was a pleasure to work with you again. Cheers ~ k. ...i'll be back:)”

Kappi (Kloudworks)

"If this song doesn't".... full of Jules' dry wit,and his twists & turns of phrase,plus the luxuriant gorgeousness of Kappi's vocals & musicianship.... a dream team.....

The Throdgemorten Five

“Awesome Vocals, and Creative Instrument work here in *Love Is Still Beautiful* Excellent Style , and Sound!! Keep Creating, and all the Best to You! Tony”

TReyes / Solo Artist

“Hey Julian, in to have another listen to your new collab with Kappi "24 Storeys" topnotch production, wonderful song.”

Kim Guthrie

" All The Way Down The Line " excellent track Jules.Great vocals.....Charles.

The Fabulous Del Counts

“This is the type of music we dig! All The Way Down The Line comes in strong and has a universal theme to the words!”

The Roycrofters



“I wish we all had Eden ... Brings back memories of good ole prog rock. Words as epic as the music. A perfect match. ~ k.”


“I Wish We All Had Eden... Great lyrics... "For they could not distinguish the sweetness poisoned by the sour"....;-))”

Andrew Austin

“Really like what I am hearing here, exceptional in all aspects, my best, BUDD”

Budd Zunga

“You Are My Compass on my playlist today! Sounds great in my headphones. Melodic songcraft. Frank Smith”

Sills & Smith

“Lovely and melodic, excellent lyrics.”

Steven Jackson

“engaging lyrics, fine music to match and awesome landscapes . . . but please, fix that boat! Noah”

Songs Unsung

“Beautiful music, Jules! Your compositions are very well thought out. And you translate the vision flawlessly. Loved listening to your songs today!”

Jules Marie

"You are my Compass- I love it. fantastic.

Mary Njerera

“I'm enjoying your music so much.”

Kim Perseghin

“Thankyou Julian, Great compositions & melodys here~!BD...”

Brian David Attal

“loving your sophisticated sound, great tracks!!”

Todd C. Stone

“One Atom of Love (WHAT STYLE?) I would put it somewhere between late 70's country and americana.. but a great song none the less”

kenny heroux

“Great work here Julian ! Respect !!”

Franz Dickson

“Listening to One Day - Version 2 - perfect for my afternoon”

Michael's Workshop

“One Day V2.0 ... 1.0 was great already. And yes, the Hammond sounds suit perfectly and provide great dynamics. Excellent song, mate. ~ k.”


“Really great tunes!!!”


“I love "You Are My Compass" - wonderful sentiment - and song!”

The Conlons

“Here I am enjoy this cold afternoon, what a weather change!! Thank god I can chill to such good tunes! DJA”

DJ Antonio

“Lovely and melodic, excellent lyrics.”

Steven Jackson

“love ur music; b back for more/ dale brown”

Dale Brown

“Absolutely brilliant! Outstanding songs & lyrics, you are a very gifted and talented artist Julian, God Bless you! Loving all your beautiful tracks, each one a masterpiece! Awesome! My very best wishes to you from Reading, you are so amazing, keep up the truly wonderful work, Rob.”

Robert Steven Hunt

“Having another listen to "Love is still beautiful" this song is beautiful, the melody, lyrics and vocals just flow so sweetly!”

Kim Guthrie

“Hi Jules. "One Day" new mix sounds incredible. Beautiful moving song. Stay inspired! So. Fla cheers * Patricia”


“I've been enjoying your awesome music and your very impressive voice. Good luck!”

Keld Sand

“All the Way is a beautiful tune Julian! Wonderful!”

Roberto Cordero Jazz

“These Blues - catchy songwriting with an interesting voice, all very accurate performed. And a wonderful short guitar solo”


“Lovin These Blues.. sweet guitar work Julian.”

Kenny Heroux

“Yeah! I got these blues.”

Pat McCabe

"You are my Compass- I love it. fantastic.

Mary Njerera

"one day" has a special vibe, that reminds me of the 70's works of pink floyd (especially rick wright's songs), with all that psychedelic sounds and the slow rhythm.

Attack Karma

“Julian....I enjoyed listening to your songs today....you are a very talented lyricist.”

Mike Vinson Americana

“you work so hard too! thanks a lot for that kinda words, you are so fantastic, i dont know what else to say, you have the best motivational words, God blees you!”

Frederick Frank 11

“Excellent works. You Are My Compass is a great track. Great lyrics & guitar.”

Agony In The Garden

“Sweet country rock happenin' here on "All The Way (Down The Line)"”

Bernie Landry

“Julian, thank you for your wonderful comment and support of my music. You are pretty awesome yourself. "All The Way (Down the Line)" is my kind of song! Great music here...”

MaryJustice Lucas

“Fool Who You Can--LUV this one, Jules! GREAT music on ur site, man!! THX for connecting--Joey”

Joey Pilskin

“Julian, you are connected with some really awesome vintage and genuine classic rock vibes. Invincible music, this is. Cheers!!!”

Sebby boy

“Great tracks, each a new blend of originality! You've a great voice and your songs show off that diversity! Excellent work!”

Jerzy Wlodarczyk

“Really admire the guitar playing in the video. Clicked on to second page of your material - you've got some tremendous songs and singers. Imagine you're in for a lot of fan mail!”

Chris Ingram

“You are my compass - a good played and arranged relaxin' song; with great skills produced. Cool bass lines, jazzy guitar licks...”


“All the Way is a cool tune nice vocals and love the cow bell adds alot of flavor ...”

Virginia Grey

"Tell me that you want me" sounds really great, love the vocalist's smooth vocals, goes perfect with the lyrics, the arrangement is really nice too.

Kim Guthrie

“All the Way: a feel good song that could easily be part of a road trip playlist. Keep up the music!”

Anna Madorsky

“All the way (down the line) is a corker, melodic,imaginative with great harmonies and unpredictable turns. look forward to dipping back in for more.”

Chris Ingram

“sweet range of material you have. well arranged. respect from chicago BIG. g”

Thaddeus Project

“Just checked out 'For the Company' nice tune ;)”


“Keep at it, you'll be the biggest Jules in the land ... liked the folk/folk-rock stuff best”

Frederick Ingram

“Loving "All the way down the line" - Great energy, and excellent lyrics.”

Buddy Greenfield

“Hello, having a listen to "All the way (Down the line)' today, love the positive, upbeat vibe, made me start dancing around once it started playing, you have so many different sounds over here, very cool.”

Kim Guthrie

" You Are My Compass " fantastic song and vocals......Charles.

The Fabulous Del Counts

“Loving 'One Day' very heartfelt and a great feel. W&W”

Wild and Welsh

“I enjoyed listening to Corner Brook Girl. A very sweet song ♥♥”

Nancy Rice / Silence in Motion

"FOR THE.."- enjoyed the listen, great voice/music/version!! Just shared it on my Facebook page for my friends to listen too! All the best!!

Darren Cinque

“Emotive & evocative. Versatile & prolific. Thoroughly professional, with lyrics & themes that really hit home — Magnificent body of work !”


“Beautiful vocal and musical passion on "One Day" Julian!”

John Revitte

“Wow! Amazing songs, excellent vocal work, good diversity of material, and a great overall sound. Excellent!”

The Professor and Naomi Kay

“Don't Follow Heroes - Good advice generally.... the song is absolutely beautiful. Including what you call 'scratch vocals'. For i can't hear any other vocals like those on this song. Even the pops and crackles sound authentic as does the final 'switch off' sound. Kind of metaphorical sound:) Anyways. I absolutely adore this tiny song. Wonderful, Jules.”

Ships of Gold

“Hello, listening to "You are my compass", clever, fun lyrics, and the vibe is happy throughout! Reminds of something Harry Connick Jr. would do for some reason.”

Kim Guthrie

"Don´t follow heroes" got an inviting soul to it. So good to hear tru emotions in a song. Luv it!

Joe Jaunty

“You could die ... meaningful to burry it deep down in your player. Chris Spedding would love this one. I also do. Hypnotic! ~ k.”

Kloudworks (Kappi)

“‘These Blues’ has a lot of heart coming through the clouds. ❤✿ܓ *wish you* much success. ♪(^_^)♪ ♪ Belinda xoxoxoxoxox ღ”

Belinda An Co

“These Blues .. VERY Lovely ! And great chords on the VID my friend ! Best from germany-Hamburg to you !”


“Can't get enough of "These Blues"....nice work....all the best....bb.”

Biker Bob

“Some artists stand out. The ones that do usually have everything right going on. This is one of those artists! Really excellent work! Highly recommend! God bless!”

Steve Morin & The Higgs Boson Project

“beautiful heartfelt lyrics- I really like love is still beautiful!”

Rhonda Harp

“You have such excellent music which you have written and would love to cover one of your great songs.Much respect Barry”

Barry G

“Stoppin' by from the Acoustic site for a listen Julian...stayin' awhile! Nice work!”

The Davies Brothers/Ashbury

“Julian I am listening in to your songs today. So many good ones my friend!!”

Bob Rylett

“Just listened to Corner Brook Girl, great song, excellent vocals!!”

Andrew Austin

“Julian One day is just amazing,so beautiful!! WOW”

Sonia Isabelle

"These Blues" incredible song all around, love the way you write such real lyrics.

Kim Guthrie

“Great things going on here my little tunesmith. It's like watching the rise of the Phoenix. The snows are melting fast. Inspired writing my friend. Paul”

Paul Dunn

“The Wood for Trees is such a pretty composition... congrats on all your success to date. Thanks so much for sharing your work with me, Julian!”

Janice Kephart

“Beautiful songlist covering many styles. Thanks for formatting the lyrics so readable. Appretiated. Gorgeous compositions and very well balanced arrangements. Your songs are a pleasure. Lovely blues licks on These Blues and fine jazzy chops in your video:) Love the Yamaha guitar!”

Kloudworks (Kappi)

“Good to see you back! I really enjoyed your new songs, especially One Day, and Claire! Great music, and vocals too!”

Andy (LSB)

“Every song I've stopped by and listened to, I find myself really enjoying the sound. Tonight "what's a man supposed to do" sounds awesome...”

Kim Guthrie

“Thanks for the enjoying your wonderful tracks! Kind regards Egmont”

Egmont Zumbroich