Juliann Andreen / Press

"Fade Out" - Wow...what a wonderful song. Great vocals and nice passionate edge. I dig the music, too. It paints a nice musical picture.

Ashton Haze, RN

“Brilliant, original, sensitive and thought provoking tracks. You are truly blessed.”

NewTribeZ Radio

“Fantastic, floating vocals dominate the tracks. "This Love Is Deep" is delish!”

Mike Michalak Band

“Great vocals and arrangements. You do a lot of different things very well. I really like "Too Far Gone."”

RN - Ed Carper

"I Had to Leave" -- you really bring it! It has shades of Basia's jazz along with the flamenco. Love it!

TIW Music

“It's a blessing to have the male vocals sung by my producer/co-writer. He's had #1 hits, such as "No More" and "Someone To Love You," as half of the R&B duo, Ruff Endz. What a talent and voice!”

Juliann Andreen

“The radio would play "Back Again" on regular rotation.”


“You may have an amazing producer, but it's your voice that makes your songs sound great.”

Random Wishes

“Such a diverse collection of great songs, Juliann! You are a true music lover and your enthusiasm for life reflects in every song.”

James Gregori - RN Artist

“FORBIDDEN, like the rest of your tracks, cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with a groove that slices directly to the heart with honest power. This is music with teeth, heart, soul and big brass balls.”

David Namerow

“Wow. One cannot but be jaw-dropped impressed by the beautiful and skillful transition in styles and genres from one song to another. You truly know how to use the magic in your voice and work it out the best way ~ Respect.”

April, RN Artist

“Your latest song, "What Can I Do," is yet another example of an extraordinary lyrical communication with a heart-felt message expertly articulated. Congrats on this well-crafted piece of work!”

Scott Carlsen, RN Fan

“Fantastic variation of styles and songs in which all are brilliantly presented and performed. "Like Never Before" is a superb track and example of your professionalism and talent. Maybe with all incredible skills you should run for office or skateboard”

Johnny Bonkers, RN Artist

“I am impressed with the range and style of vocals, especially the Latino groove of "Like Never Before" and the jazzy chords in "Ignorance Isn't Bliss."”

EP Emsley, RN Artist

“You have much style. We loved the Reggae song, "Gettin It In." Very smooth and real lyrics. Diversified sounds and vibes”

Reverb Artist

“This is one truly amazing artist. Please take a moment and listen. You will be hooked!”

Terry L. Wydtrack Productions - Reverb Artist

“Real tight, catchy tunes you're writing here..nice vibes to the edgier pieces like "Forbidden" and "Not Gonna Call," but I think your skillz really shine thru on a big hook tune like "It's So Intense"..a great epic poptastic track that you could hear Katy Perry working with. Tasty treats all round!!”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverb Artist

“Me gusta tu voz y tu musica. "Back To My Home (Corro, Corro)" suena muy bien! ”

Victor Amati - Reverb Artist

"This Is Passion" is my favorite. What a great song--so well written and your voice is so beautiful. You really have a lot of meaning in your songs. Great Job!

Kit Mann - Reverb Artist

“The vocals are amazing, and "One Touch" is such a great song in every musical aspect.”

Twisted Brown Necklace - Reverb Artist

“I love the versatility in your styles and your voice is incredible. Absolutely awesome!”

Ender One - Reverb Artist

“Wow girl! You are incredible! With music and a voice like yours (and songs like "The Day Will Come") you'd be a sure winner on "The Voice"..or any other place you put your talented self. I'm hopelessly addicted. ”

Delaney Simpson - Reverb Artist

"It's So Intense" is getting better every time I listen to it. You have a hit there.

JJ Brown - Reverb Fan

"Forbidden" is sexy, current but different and really shows off your vocals beautifully. I can't believe you haven't been signed on this track

Mama Chill - Reverb Artist

“Just how incredible is Juliann Andreen? So incredible that one need only listen to 'Forbidden' and 'I Had To Leave' for proof of an immense talent. Delicate, perfect harmonies, panned wide, caress the ears. Tight, professional production and composition dominate. A wonderful, strong, full-range female voice holds the listener cradled in in the warmest of embraces. Ms. Juliann Andreen gets the highest compliment Terrella's Field can give...'Play All'. A beautiful lady, and a beautiful soul.”

Terrella's Field - Reverb Artist