“Juliana’s definitely a star in the making.”

Sadie Nine, BBC Radio

“The quality of the music on this album is simply divine. Juliana is a genuine talent.”

Ollie Cornish, Music-News .com

“It is no doubt only a matter of time before we will see this artist develop into a household name”

TopOfTheOx Awards

“Juliana can certainly write a great song!”

Loz Guest, Head of Music, Kerrang Radio

“The album is beautifully arranged...a dynamic and evocative collection of calm yet powerful acoustic tracks, each paying tribute to the musical talents – vocal and instrumental – of this incredible artist.”

Oxide Radio

“Rich and evocative… What sets this record out from most debuts is the eclectic musical craftsmanship that has gone into it”

Neil Jones, Evening Gazette

“With a hint of Lily Allen and a touch of Kate Bush, Juliana Meyer has reached the top spot with Holding Up The Sky”

TopOfTheOx Awards

“There's been a rush on to find the next woman singer songwriter.... none have come close to being as emotionally involving or genuine as multi instrumentalist Juliana Meyer.”

Ollie Cornish, Music-News .com

“Her faultless voice has the evocative undertones of a young Kate Bush, but with a sweetness that can’t help but make you feel like the smile fairy has just waved her magic wand.”

AD, Promoter, The Melting Pot

“Refreshingly original… calm and haunting… undeniable song-writing talent”

TopOfTheOx Awards

“I’ve had the pleasure to interview Amy Winehouse, Katherine Jenkins and Katie Melua just before they ‘broke’ and I predict Juliana is heading in the same direction”

Sadie Nine, BBC Radio Essex

“Meyer is clearly on the verge of joining Katie Melua and Natasha Bedingfield in the pantheon of sweet-voiced young British stars.”

Kate Griffin, OxfordBands.com

“Juliana's amazing voice guided the chilled out and beautiful performance, which was extremely well received by the public”

Surface Unsigned Festival

“There are parts of "Holding Up The Sky" that make up for the lack of Summer so far.”


“Quirky guitar licks complement her strong lyrics and catchy melodies”

The Grapevine

“The opening track reminds me of Dido, but I think Juliana’s voice is far better... clear as crystal, expressive and compelling. ...empowering yet soothing – a gorgeous combination.”

Oxide Radio

“Juliana has made an album that will make you weep and laugh at the same time. Let Juliana make your summer complete.”

Ollie Cornish, Music-News.com

“Great talent: Singer and guitarist destined for stardom”

East Anglian Daily Times

“'Holding up the Sky' is rich in instrumental and vocal ideas and all of them work.”

Ollie Cornish, Music-News.com

“Sky the limit for Juliana…all-rounder rising songwriter and musician”

Essex County Standard

“Juliana not only looks like an angel she sings like one live!”

Sadie Nine, BBC Radio Essex

“One of our leading Singer-Songwriters ”

Stephen Foster, BBC Radio Suffolk

“Juliana’s commitment to her music is to be admired. Children In Need will cap a great year for Juliana Meyer”

Evening Star

“The term “singer-songwriter” doesn’t really do justice to the powerhouse known as Juliana Meyer.”

Kate Griffin, OxfordBands.com

“Sincerity, originality and variety all show their face in Juliana’s music, and her seductive manner of engaging with her audience”

Ros Stanley, OxStu Review

“Powerful lyrics and clever melodies…”

The Winelight Club

“Juliana is a breath of fresh air. You could hear a pin drop throughout her set.”

AD, Promoter, The Melting Pot

“Multi-instrumentalist-producer-performer-songwriter Juliana Meyer has delivered… a cocktail that starts of smooth, but delivers a wicked kick”

Fatea Review

“A very talented entertainer with a good image and songs to boot. Value for money? We should say so!!…”

The Winelight Club

“Juliana brings musical richness to live performances through brilliant inventions on the guitar – outstanding player”

Healthy Concerts Founder, Paul Chi