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“Big Jack’s Kitchen – Juke Joint 5 (from the E.P. Rock This House) - ”The Juke Joint 5 saxman, Dick ‘The Poet’ Lourie, penned this shuffle track for the band’s recent E.P. release, Rock This House. ‘Big Jack’s Kitchen’ grooves along atop a take-no-prisoners rhythm section that gets teased and poked by big sax bellows and playful guitar riffs.” ~Alternate Root Top Ten Songs of the Week, Feb. 5, 2014”

Danny McCloskey - Alternate Route

“The Juke Joint 5 pump out a handful of high energy blues rock numbers on their debut outing Rock This House in grand, floor-stomping, roadhouse fashion. Fronted by the sassy female vocals of Gretchen Bostrom and accompanied by the snarling guitar work of Silvertone Steve, the soul-stirring saxophone lines of Dick Lourie, the strutting bass lines of Jason Adams and the swinging time keeping of Noah Teshu, JJ5 blow the roof off the place with three well scripted originals, “I’m So Mad,” “Ready For My Closeup,” and “Big Jack’s Kitchen” along with covers by Bo Diddley [“Roadrunner”] and Jimmy Rogers [“Rock This House”]. Gretchen Bostrom’s vocals are powerful and satisfyin’, and she was made to sing this style of jump blues. Meanwhile, longtime Boston veteran, Silvertone Steve tears it up on the fretboard while Dick Lourie blows some qualified saxophone lines. Couple that with the taut rhythm section of Adams and Teshu and you’ve got yourself one heck of a swin”

[DS] - Metronome Magazine

"Juke Joint 5 had them dancing from the 1st song last night. Very talented...just an authentic Jump Blues Band. Gretchen has a big sweet powerful voice, infectious smile, one of the best singers/frontperson we have had come through the Club. We were also delighted to hear Steve tame a sometimes difficult animal...The Telecaster! He is now, in our eyes, a Telemaster! Dick is a veteran on the saxophone...a very talented and thoughtful man. A fantastic rhythm section! Bass player could make his rig sound like an upright bass at will. Watch for their return in late summer!"

Tom LeMieux, owner, The Purple Pit Jazz Club - Client Testimonial

"You will revel in the saxophone driven sounds of Dick “The Poet” Lourie, along with his soulful vocalist Gretchen Bostrom, whose influences include the likes of Dinah Washington, Koko Taylor and Ruth Brown. The band is well rounded out with Silvertone Steve on electric guitar, Jason Adams on bass and Noah Teshu on drums."

Lee Moss - BostonAtNight.com

"The Juke Joint 5 played for our backyard wedding party. It was the right choice. With those old school electric blues—gritty vocals, honkin' sax, greasy slide guitar—they had three generations of our family up and dancing. What a great band! What a party!"

Steve Seidel, Cambridge, MA - Client Testimonial

“A band I heard recently for the first time, and instantly fell in love with: The Juke Joint 5 rocked the house at In a Pig’s Eye…[An] energetic, five-piece band putting down some real blues…Sax, guitar, bass, drums and a great female lead singer. The sax player was all over the place, on the floor, everywhere…everyone in the house was happy…I’ll be watching for them in the future. Get out and hear these guys. You’ll be blown away.”

Bob Broderick - Salem Patch

“My Long Road from New Jersey to Smoken‟ Joe‟s.”