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“Revolution Theme is rocking the speakers in NYC. That guitar is amazing. It just growls….Shivers….”

Joe - NYC Guitarist

“SWAMP...straight-up rock that is unadorned and spearpoint sharp.”

David Namerow

“Rockin with the alt rock genius of JC tonight.. laying it down with melody, drive and perfection.”

Billy T Scrapper

“Nick surely has IT All, such a wonderful TALENT through and through!!”


“Great songs..... totally put together, arranged like true pieces of art...and they rock!!...”

Billy T. Scrapper

“Revolution Theme on the top of the list...some tortured guitars here telling it like it is. Rock on”

Joe NYC Guitarist

“Hey Nick. Your music kills on so many levels. Can't wait to hear more of that high energy with layered guitars. You're an original.”

Howard Lawrence - HL

“Stopped by to check out your tunes and I am so pleased I did… Great sound!! Great vocals!! Peace and Goodwill”

New Tribez Radio - New Tribez Radio

“Pure rock in its finest form!...JUICE CANNON shootin' out some mega hits...changes, swamp, & another heartache!!!”

Sur Rod

“Just looked up Rock n Roll in the Dictionary--the definition: JUICE CANNON!! YEAHHH!!”

Joey Pliskin - RN

“Give us the juice! Nick unleashes his over-the-shoulder cannon on "Revolution Theme." The axeman cometh.”

Howard Lawrence - RN

"Revolution Theme" just blew me away!

Chris Cates - RN

“Rock'n out to the sounds of Juice Cannon! Cool tracks and great guitar work lives here!”

Mitch Marcoulier - RN

“Ships of Gold!!! Juice Cannon does it best ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard - RN


Bonnie McGill - RN

“I love how "Revolution Theme" starts out with the drums and then the amazing guitar riffs kick in, very cool song, here to listen to all on this page! ”

Kim Guthrie - RN

“Never fails..I come here to listen to some of your music...and end up staying a long long time..and then over and over. Nick..you Rock!”

Delaney Simpson - RN

“Great band, and great songs. I really like the blend of the crunchy guitars with strong, melodic hooks and that bit of grit in the vocals. Really well done!”

Tom Hedrick - RN

“Dig the psychedelic fury of Juice Cannon's "Coming Down." It's like Cream crossed with 80s New Wave. A tasty snippet of deranged swamp brilliance.”

Howard Lawrence - RN

“Your guitar playing hooks me in and listening to Swamp, I'm stuck on your music”

Judy Shire - RN

“Juice Cannon KILLS IT! Guitars/Vocals/Production ROCK!!! Crank up this set! TOTAL SOLID BAND!!! Oh yeahhhh!!--Joey”

Joey Pliskin - RN

“Juice Cannon is loaded with good stuff! stopping for a early listen. respect from chicago. g”

Thadeus Project - RN

“Getting that super Juice Cannon energy lift we need so badly after the dinner hour. This band never fails to excite that die hard ROCKER gene in our musical DNA”


“What up JC!! Back in to start my work day off with your whole playlist! Rocking it out man...You got some fans here in SC man..my friends have been listening to your music:) ”

Present Days Bliss - RN

“*Warning* Juice Cannon may be Addictive!”

The Billians - RN

“Playing Changes....Everything Must Change...story of my life...that's what makes this song great.”

Joe - NYC - Guitarist - RN

“I had to post "another heartache" to my facebook page... brilliant, bro... ya boi derinho”

The Magneto Flobe - RN

“real music ~ real musicians! shaking up southern california”

pinksideofthemoon - RN

“Killer songs here. Powerful rock music, with great melodies - awesome drumming and compliments to the singer: beautiful Voice!!!”

Laury - World-Sound-Colours

“Simply spectacular songs!”

G William Boyd - RN

“A superb sampling of the sound of Juice Cannon. Innovative rock for those that appreciate a great band with a unique sound.”

The Pizza Kings - RN

“A phenomenal group Juice Cannon is. You can tell by listening to them that great intellect and fine musicianship propels their work! Plus their music is just plain fun! Bravo lads! Sal”

Salariatus - RN

“Juice Cannon is music as it shall be, should be and will be forever and ever. Amen. Dirty in "Changes". FANTASTIC songs. JC Rules! ”

Scrumpy The Flea - RN

“Juice Cannon was a featured artist on our Friday afternoon play list.Great tracks......Charles”

The Fabulous Del Counts - RN

“Got JUICE CANNON on my playlist tonight! "Another Heartache"...really cool song and video!...and Ships of Gold are a must! Yep! You guys are a big deal! ~ rod ”

Sur Rod - RN

“You are sooo great a writer! Plus you have a blast playing. It shines. Perfect melodies. Great words and that attitude that makes it all a joy to hear. What Music aspires to be, you already are!”

Scrumpy The Flea - RN

“You guys are laying down some great jams. Changes is incredible.”

Rory Lewis Band - RN

“Back for another blast from the Juice Cannon! Every track is another Bullseye! Great songs and production from this great band!”

Mitch Marcoulier - RN

“TOTALLY AGREE with fantastic Yolanda,you guys have a fabulous sound and a superb band,great creativity, all the best from London, Peace and World Peace, Johnny”

Johnny Bonkers - RN

“With tracks like yours playing it can only be a great day here in NY, NY Awesome sound… All the best ! Pat”

Pat Branch - RN

“It's a Play All day with the JUICE!!! Exceptional writing and musicianship!! Nick Rocks!!”

Ashbury - RN

“Juice Cannon..Great band ! Killer tracks ! Play them all !!”

The Billians - RN


L Perry - RN

“You set the bar high for all the artists on here guys,, Great music!”

Bonnie McGill - RN

“Excellent songwriting and performance all around--and it rocks!”

Bingham Willoughby - RN

“One band your playlist doesn't want to miss out on! ~ Zoe Ann”

Zoe Ann - RN

“Absolutely TERRIFIC Tracks filled with so much creativity that grips me TOTALLY!!!! U_ROCK NICK!!! ~ Fefe”

Identity - RN

“Great songs and you are awesome and entertaining ★ my friend ★ keep it groovin”


“Number 1 Bris-band, Juice Cannon rock hard, top tracks, always a fabulous page to visit!”

Johnny Bonkers - RN

“Another Heartache is a beautiful song.. Love your work and your talent!”

Bonnie McGill - RN

“The Juice Cannon Experience... always a choice selection to be had from Nick and his highly creative songwriting skillz. Cheers friend - TPK”

The Pizza Kings - RN

“You really know how to rock, Nick. Your songs are worth being performed in front of thousands of bouncing fans. Is truly what I think. Great stuff!!”

Kloudworks - RN

“So many good bands coming out of OZ lately... and Juice Cannon is one of our top favourites. It's great to return and listen to your song list with fresh, rested ears. Cheers Nick - Tony, Dom & Klint - TPK”

The Pizza Kings - RN

“Sometimes I get a bit tired of listening to people's music. The more I hear it, the less I hear in it. But the more I listen to your music, the happier is the listening experience. Always something jumps out at me I hadn't heard before. Which is a sure sign to me that I'm listening to a true artist who puts his heart and soul and thought into each and every note he creates! Bravo, lads! Sal ”

Salariatus - RN

“Dig'n Juice Cannon this Friday morning! Changes blasting through my studio! I love this band! Great sound! Cheers, Mitch”

Mitch Marcoulier - RN

“I am incurably addicted!”

Laury, World-Sound-Colours - RN

“You can never go wrong on this page, hit "play all" and get ready to be pulled right in to the amazing songs of Juice Cannon.”

Kim Guthrie - RN

“The power of Rock and the talent of good song writing!”

Jerzy Wlodarczyk - RN

“Rock and Roll will never die, that's a given. However, if it were on life support I'd throw it a Juice Cannon raft. Nick calls JC an "alternative rock" band, but really, alternative? To shit, maybe, but this is classic rock. What a song lineup! And style...just the essential elements here: guitars, bass, drums and charismatic frontman, all wrapped up in one inspired musician.”

Howard Lawrence - RN

“Sexy down to earth vocals and vibe!”

Di Lee - RN

“If, like me, you're a fan of high-octane rock and roll music you're in the right place. Juice Cannon is in the house, ladies and gentlemen! A great listening experience will be had by all! Sal”

Salariatus - RN

“Fire up that Jumbo Jet and let the Cannons Rip ! Smokin' !”

The Billians - RN

“Im not drinking ORANGE JUICE this morning, Im drinking JUICE CANNON! Back in for another round of your killer tunes guys!”

Present Day Bliss - RN

“JC's music, surging with youthful exuberance, is extraordinarily well-crafted and makes for an exciting listening experience. Great job, boys! Sal”

Salariatus - RN

“Can't get enough of Juice Cannon!!! JUST HIT PLAY!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard - RN

“Playing Another Heartache....Juice Cannon rocks it again. Loving the vocals on this track.”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - RN

“Another Heartache is awesome,, Playing them all though,, Have a great day,,, BFF Bonnie”

Bonnie McGill - RN

"Coming Down"...killer tune!!!!!

Lost Generation - RN

“Truly amazing work here Nick!!! Awesome talent!!! Great musicianship and vocals!!”

Ashbury - RN

“Back again to return the favor since your music is just so dang cool Nick! Good job on the cover Ships of Gold :)”

Di Lee - RN

“Nick, you are definitely rocking those pedals....some really awesome work.”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - RN

“Brilliant sounds from a super rock group! Sal ”

Salariatus - RN

“Playing Another Heartache....awesome rock guys...loving the cool production on the vocals.”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - RN

“Juice Cannon has all the qualities to become an institution: talent (hard to find these days); power (a good way to start your day); and energy (so you can drop your cup of joe and start dancing). ”

Yellowalbum - RN

"JUICE CANNON" is ROCKIN Nashville today!!!!!

Lost Generation - RN

“Glad I stopped here, you just have a way to give us HITS, always love listening to your tracks.”

Kim Guthrie - RN

“Sweet and explosive, yeah Juice Cannon! Cool name and great tunes!”

Dee Lee - RN

“I totally dig the raw rock'n'roll energy of Changes..Wicked guitar, and very cool voices..Rock on! I gotta hear more..Danger Vain”

Danger Vain - RN

“Four main elements make great rock music: superb guitar work, dynamic vocals, inventive percussion and of course creative ideas upon which to build. Your guitar work is extraordinary, your vocals precise and exuberantly youthful with out of this world harmonies, percussion spot on and supportive of the other elements. And the basic creativity which drives your music? Simply outstanding! You guys are tops. And I ain't just whistlin' Dixie! In the 60's or 70's you would have been a top 10 group by now, I assure you! Just keep at it! Sal”

Salariatus - RN

“This band really knows how to put together a winning playlist! Every track is Gold!--Joey”

Joey Pliskin - RN

“Another Heartache is awesome!”

Bonnie McGill - RN

“Awesomeness blasting out of this Juice Cannon!”

TE Fireoved - RN

“Excellent tunes !! what a legend ! ONE OF THE BEST !! DJA ..”

DJ Antonio - RN

“JUICE CANNON.....The new home for Classic Rock! KA-BOOOOOOOM!”

The Time Bomb - RN

“I love when you stop at a page and you can just push "play all" and you know you are going to love it!”

Kim Guthrie - RN

“Excellent set here from an extremely talented group!!! Juice Cannon brings the entire package...musicianship, writing and production!!! ”

Ashbury - RN

“What a great way to start my week, by listening to the awesome sounds of *Juice Cannon*!!”

Marc Leon - RN

“Coming Down! You guys are so cool and inspiring. Thanks for the kick before heading back to the studio ~ Rock on!!!”

Di Lee - RN

“Juice Cannon are a formidable band who have a global sound trajectory, PLAY ALL here is a must!”

Johnny Bonkers - RN

“Really like the latest cover of S.o.G. by Juice Cannon!.”

R Pickett Bugg - RN

“Juice Cannon is #1 for a reason!!! ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard - RN

“Juice Cannon, knows how to Rock. Just hit play all that's what we did!!!”

The Fores - RN

“If lethargy is what ails you, just pay a visit here. If after listening to JUICE CANNON's big hits you're still not pumped up, better get you to a doctor quick! ”

Howard Lawrence - RN

“The haunting "Coming Down." The electric explosion of Swamp. Incredible stretch of mind and music! Awesome JC!”

Scrumpy the Flea - RN

“Top rendition of Ships of Gold and the fantastic cargo of tracks continue,Juice Cannon are not just creating musical waves but brilliantly sailing them to success, Peace and World Love, Johnny”

Johnny Bonkers - RN

“Juice Cannon has an unmistakable signature sound. Nick produces guitar-based music that is so full of energy. His rich voice bobs and weaves with great finesse. First team All World here.”

Howard Lawrence - RN

“Ships of Gold--Outstanding work, Nick! Really like ur interpretation! Rockin ur page--Fantastic!!--Joey”

Joey Pilskin - RN

“You rock Juice Cannon!!! Thank you! ~ Zoe Ann”

Zoe Ann - RN

“Awesome musician, vocalist and songwriting here!”

Chris Cugene - RN

“Playing Swamp. Fine guitar work on this. Loving what you're wrestling from the tone bucket. And some awesome bass playing here too. Great stuff.”

Joe Guitarist NYC - RN

“Stopped by this afternoon and played all of yours songs today again. You are Rockin It JUICE CANNON!!! Great Music. ”

Steven Davis Jr. - RN

“Great style and mesmerizing vocals ~ Cool rendition of the cover Ships of Gold!”

Di Lee - RN

“Nick's got a six-string cannon in his arsenal. Aussie juice in spades.”

Howard Lawrence - RN

“This is one Rockin' good band! I think I'll dig a few holes here on this page! ”

Stone Wall Willie - RN

“I wish we had more bands like JUICE CANNON. You guys are incredible!”

Yellowalbum - RN

"Comin Down", playing from my computer right now. Very intriguing, mystic and powerful at the same time. Great work created by a great mind. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Sonja Quintana - RN

“Wickedly good guitar playing and a most unique sound JUICE CANNON lay it down with style on 'Changes', and it is our favourite for today. Cheers friends - TPK”


“Nick fires up the cannon on Changes. Great riffing”

Howard Lawrence - RN


The American Britts - RN

“Hey JC! You guys rock! the lead singer's voice is SMOOTH!”

Kat Delancey - RN

“Listening to 'Another Heartache', brilliant music sounds. Pure Excellence !!!! ~ Fefe”

Identity - RN

“Great musicianship coupled with outstanding songs. Juice Cannon Rocks to the highest degree.”

Jean Pierre Johannson - RN

“one of the best bands on the nation,keep it rocking and rollin”

dontrotta - RN

“Checkout incredible Auzzie classic Rockers 'JUICE CANNON;' epic, soaring melodies, incredible guitar riffs & soulful emotional vocals, enjoyment guaranteed! :) xx”

James Connolly - FB

“ Excellent songwriting on this page! You should "PLAY ALL". Super Band!. No wonder you're #1!. ”

R. Pickett Bugg - RN

“great rock band...top class in every way, great concept,lyrics,everything....one to watch for sure. ”

John Carter - RN

“Outstanding musicianship,performance, vocals and production. Incredibly tight group of artists with hook-laden, addictive top-shelf originals! This is a band that is headed higher than any 747 could take them in terms of success and popularity!”

Rick Frost - RN


The Havenites - RN

“Awesome music all around and the guitar work on "Swamp"...wow! Nice to see you feature this sample. Bring it to the states and hit the ground runnin'..straight to stardom!”

Delaney Simpson - RN

“Really Diggin` your Vocals!!! Great Music!!! ”

Stand Volume - RN

“Very original, and well written. Cheers from Texas!”

Dry Martinez - RN

“Wishing you success and more success. Great fabulous tracks to prove it right here especially 'Another Heartache'!!!!! U will be always on my listening list.”

Felicia - RN

“LOVE your vocals!! Enjoyed this listen. :)”

Melsi - RN

“Love your sounds boys !!! very unique style, awesome vocals and tight !!! ..brilliant !!”

Hillbilly Dix - RN

“Hey Juice Cannon!~ Crackin Band guys! ~ Cool tuneage here sounds great!”

TE Firoved - RN

“Another Heartache ROCKS!!!”

Seven Days - RN

“wicked, crisp and sharp production on the great rockin tunes..lovin that guitar sound for "swamp"...diggin your skillz guys!”

Mike White Presents - RN

“Juice Cannon, the real deal ....!!!!”

Rick Sparfven - RN

“You guys have a great sound--vox are VERY nice!!! ”

Angels in Fire - RN

“Unique sound! Material is excellent and well performed. Outstanding musicianship and top-notch vocals. Tunes flow smoothly w/ great transitions and superb hooks!”

Rick Frost - RN

“Great music & Great sound !! _Katsumi :o”

Katsumi - RN

"Changes" Sounds Great! Yvon-MIC

M.I.C. - RN

“Your music is inspirational!”

Boss Up Entertainment - RN

“Great song, very professional sound.”

Marc Leon, Vic, AU - RN

“great vocals and big sound - classic”

pink side of the moon, L.A. - Reverbnation

“Cranking Swamp, great guitar sound, another awesome track”

Robert Machado - RN

“Play all of this fine artist and you'll see why so many of us love Nick and his music!”

Di Lee - RN

“Nick and guys..Well Done! A well deserved #1 spot...anywhere! I love everything you put out. You are stars!”

Delaney Simpson - RN

“Back for more....you guys really got it going on here. Fine guitar work, driving tracks and killer vocals. Its all here. Rock on guys.”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - RN

“I really Love all of your music and you already know I'm claiming my place as a number one fan (and friend) :-)”

Delaney Simpson - RN

“This music is so HOT, every one of these songs are just simply brilliant, I love this page.”

Kim Guthrie - RN

“Nick juicing up my speakers. This guy can rock with anyone.”

Howard Lawrence - RN

“Juice Cannon are Rockin' the house hard. Nick, Michael & James pull out all the stops when it comes to their unique sound & style. Love this band, many cheers - Tony, Dom & Klint - TPK”