“Man when I listen to this I taste bourbon and smell sweaty barrooms. Gritty, raw and as good as you can get rock n roll with a blues feel to it.”


“Juggernaught play hard handle bar driven rock ‘n roll with some of the sickest licks this side of the equator”


“beards, booze and some rare T-bone steak aside, it is Juggernaught’s powerful riffs that pack the punch, evident in songs like “My Daddy’s Land” and “Meathook Shuffle”. Think Pantera meets the likes of Creedence and ZZ Top.”


“In amongst the helter-skelter mess of South African Grindcore, Metalcore and In Flames-wannabe bands, it’s refreshing to find a group unapologetically reveling in the precepts upon which heavy music was founded – sex, beer and rock ‘n roll”


“Fans of missing links like Monster Magnet, this hair of the dog, headbanger’s ball is for you.”


“Bad ass swamp blues”


“If most southern rock bands are into hot-rods and barbeques, Juggernaught look like they are into monster trucks and raw meat”

Windhoek Observer

“A great balance of technicality and good time rock ‘n roll”

Windhoek Observer

“Seriously bad rock music, ZZ Top “bad”! These dudes are into their music, exuding confidence they're not afraid to slow things down, bring 'em to a simmer and then start cooking it good”


“it's the voices of lead singer Munroe and guitarist All Man (which are as big as the band name suggests) that keep one engaged in the quality sound they produce”

Pretoria News

“A groovy powerhouse display of original hardcore, in-your-face, southern metal”

Purity Magazine

“Hairy, whisky guzzlin', hotrod lovin', guitar slingin', southern Blues rock.”

SA Hotrods

“Watching them can be likened to being strapped to the front of a train hurtling through the countryside doing over 200km/hr”

Metal 4 Africa

“Their music is hairy, whiskey guzzling, hot-rod lovin, guitar slingin southern metallic blues rock”

“Juggernaught was impressive, they commanded attention with their long beards and confident demeanour”