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“Hooligan Juggern0rt unleash this track on the unsuspecting public, and should be ashamed of themselves! Making people enjoy themselves to the raucous mesmerizing sound of this beast, played with aggression and crafted deliciously around clearly passionate growls culminating in sheer savagery – how very dare they! Lyrically immense – “Hooligan, Hooligan you’re a fucking hooligan!” I bet being in the front row at one of their gigs you will end up getting spit in your eye especially after this track!”

“Many bands claim to be the next big thing in the UK thrash metal scene, and in my opinion, Juggern0rt are definitely one of the only bands who can pull it off with so much RAGE! This London band were founded from the ashes of a former band back in 2008 by Mr Hogan and Master Hunter, who both had a vision of combining thrash, technicality, power and groove. With the joining of Heraghty and their old rhythm guitarist Tibbs, Lord Taw shortly followed adding the rage. Playing shows with the likes of “Killerfix” and soon to come “Fallen Fate” this thrash/groove band have really made a huge name for themselves! From the opening title track “Hooligan” right through to their Alien tribute “A breed of species unknown to man” this follow up from the 2010 EP “Full Metal Assault” is a definite must buy! If you like your thrash metal to be fast paced, face melting and blood boiling then pick up “Hooligan” today and feel the RAGE!! Rating: 5.0/5”

Metal-Rules May 2012

“The next band really made up for the opener. Ladies and Gentlefish, feel the RAGE as ‘Juggern0rt’ enter the stage! This thrash metal band really ripped the stage apart; also celebrating the release of their EP “Hooligan”. They played new and old material, with the crowd moving ecstatically to the sounds of “N.F.B” and thrashing about to the epic “Hooligan”. “RIPLEY!!” Possibly the best thing to echo through the Underworld at a gig in a long time. Jimbo really knows how to get the crowd going before unleashing a circle pit from hell and the hair flying through the air. The room filled with energy from the “Juggern0rt” boys and their fans loving every minute. Definitely one of the angriest, rage-filled thrash metal bands to checkout this side of the water “Juggern0rt” have really filled the people with RAGE for the rest of the evening! Well done you beasts!! [5/5]”

Wolf “Annihilation” Shankland, Metal-Rules April 2012

“The thrash revival is still in full swing and we've backed JUGGERNØRT to to do the business for the UK - in fact, we rate them so much that we picked them as part of our Future Of Thrash Special in our recent Secret History”

Terrorizer Magazine

“First Support band on tonight was JUGGERN0RT. A four piece thrash metal band from London, forming in 2008 I've not heard of this band before, nor have I seen them play live, but they were great for a first act. Strong vocals and stage presence they managed to get the guests attention. With a great 30 minute set they soon had the crowd gathering around the stage and set a great atmosphere They didn't disappoint tonight and I really enjoyed their set.”

“The first of tonights London based bands, the mighty Juggern0rt bring their devistatingly heavy music with not so much a sledgehammer effect, more of being hit by a solid steel wall at mach 10! Unlike most bands who play this style of music, the technical ability of the musicians is second to none and vocalist James can hold his growls longer than anyone! A very professional set, delivered with style and humor, highly entertaining and such was the response to them that they had to perform an encore.”

“ Representing our capitals london four-piece Juggern0rt certainly earn their battle-hardened moniker, fusing a miture of huge grooves whiplash-inducing riffs and a level of precision thats belies their relatively new status. Nice one.”

“Juggern0rt full metal assault one of the hardest working bands on the london circult the mighty JUGGERNORT watch out for these dudes if old school trash metal rocks ya boat then this band are for you, the opening track on there latest c d D.O.A will give you a good kick in the balls and leave you screaming for more these dudes are out there kicking ass.”

Steve Snelling - Skeletons Making Love Fanzine

“JUGGERNORT "By definition a juggernort in english terms refers to examples of unstoppable, crushing forces, that definition also sums the band up perfectly.The wall of sound they create is breathtaking, just take the heaviest moments of Devildriver and Hatebreed and stand the fuck back! Superb drumming backs the dual guitar attack and bass riffage with screaming/shouty vocals equalled out with some nice melodic backing from one of the guitarists." ”

Stu Tovell - Mr Stu Promotions