JG the Jugganaut / Press

“In 2011, JG released his live album Jugganautical: The Experience, showing his ability to rock a mic live in the flesh and build that ever-important rapport with the audience. Songs like "Run N*gga Run" and "Rhythmic American Poetry" are essential listens.”

"If you don’t have your copy of J.G.’s newest release The Jugganauts Thoughts Volume, YOU ARE NOT FRESH!"

"There is something in every listen to learn and talk about, almost like hearing the piece for the very first time each time."

"has a style that can appeal to both sides of the 'rapper or poet' coin"

"my ideas about the spoken word scene were completely changed."

“'Cutting edge poetry/spoken word.So far out of the box it's almost undefinable.'”

Max Parthas (Spoken Word Legend) - independent quote