Judson Hurd / Press

“There is evidence of a deep emotional thinker behind this music and that light shines brightly throughout. I am on my 5th play through now and the songs are staying with me long after each of those journeys ended. This is not elevator music, this is music for music lovers, so savor it and give it the attention it deserves.”

“Thankful is Judson Hurd’s third album of piano solos, and this time they are all original compositions. The fifteen tracks were composed over a period of seven years and are dedicated to Hurd’s wife, Jenna. With a common theme of love and its many forms, the music ranges from softly romantic to bold and powerful.”

““Sacred Spaces” is an incredible debut for this young pianist who now makes his home in North Carolina. I give it a solid two thumbs up! It’s available from www.cdbaby.com. ”