Judgement / Press

““Sacrifice the Weak,” the first track on Judgement’s MySpace page, should be enough to sell you on the awesomeness of this band; skip the 1:45 intro, though, and just get right to the meat. The meat being hearty, meaty, brutal DM with hints of progressiveness. Think Abysmal Dawn with more Slayer riffs. This is the DM you want for the soundtrack as you tear down the highway and weave between one slow asshole in the fast lane and the grandma next to him driving her ’88 Honda Accord at 50mph. Sick, sick shit. Highly recommend!”

"Track 1, "Distort" - Judgement - Indiana based Judgement guitarist says "we're showing the big guys how it's done", and we believe him! What you are about to hear is good, solid death metal, executed with style and more importantly, passion. They've already supported Hate Eternal, who's to say your band won't be supporting them in the near future. Make a note of these guys"

John Biscomb - Terrorizer Fear Candy compilation CD liner notes

"Whoa, this unsigned is showing the big guns how it's done with this, their thumping self released debut album. Having played with everyone from Hatebreed to Hate Eternal have obviously given these guys a chance to hone their chops to somewhere near perfection, and 'The Bitter End' is as fine a slab of molten modern aggro metal as you could hope to find, brillianty produced and dripping with malicious intent."

Ian Glasper - Terrorizer issue #168