Judd Wasserman / Press

“Even the most hard-core curmudgeon would have to respect that this band is great at what they do, if not grooved along with a passive smile on his face. Good music is simply that, regardless of it’s style or genre, and this was good music.”

“and for every nickel that i spend there, i'm bound to make twenty i know.." KaChingg! Big payout for the listener who chooses to hang out with these fantastic songs and your clear, strong vocals that bring them to life..love how you can turn your skillz from full rockin ballads to quirky, pickin-tastic country groovers.."boxcar photograph", with those delicious suspended chords and rich, soulful vocal is such a standout. Awesome skillz”

Mike White Presents, UK

"Wasserman sings well. He has a rich voice tempered with influences of Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens...but it's also just Judd, original and new and very much his own thing; but he's better than both, because he has something close to perfect pitch..."

Terrence Knight - The Sitting Duck

"Judd Wasserman’s lyrics are few but well chosen, and complement the instrumentation perfectly,"