Judd Hoos / Press

“It took nearly five years, but local band Judd Hoos has finally released its second CD... The band’s first CD, “Better Intentions,” sold nearly 5,000 copies, and the group is hoping for similar success. They will be touring in 120 shows in eight states. “Stand Up” has been getting airplay in several markets.”

"The songs I’ve heard from the upcoming Judd Hoos CD are strong, with as much radio airplay potential as any major label band that has come across my transient in a while.”

Steve Jacobs, Sales Manager for 95.1 KSQY in Rapid City, SD.

“A crowd of 500-plus was jamming to the beat of rock group Judd Hoos at the aptly named Loud American Roadhouse...”

“The light show and sound quality were near perfection and this talented band left your ears pulsating and your heart skipping beats with their spectacular high energy performance.”