Jud Caswell / Press

"...one of the leading singer-songwriters on the current scene... highly original... He's a young man who is wise beyond his years. Caswell sings with charming warmth in his voice. By the end of the CD you want to know this man."

Rich Warren - Sing Out!

“Jud Caswell is much more than a great singer and guitar player, Jud's songs take you into the storyteller's world with clear images and characters that come to life for the listener.”

David Wilcox

“Caswell's fluent, warm, honey-like melodies and his undoubted skill with his six-string piece of wood and steel... both constitute aural delights... Jud Caswell is a rare and eloquent song poet who truly deserves your time and your God-given listening apparatus... 9 out of 10”

Arthur Wood - FolkWax

“Jud is a marvelous writer. He astonished me at Kerrville with a perfect song, 'Blackberry Time.' I use it as an example in my Berklee lyric writing classes.”

Pat Pattison

“Clever, well-groomed lyrics, percussive guitar playing and a powerful yet tender voice... reminded me of Ellis Paul in intensely personal songs that offer slices of life and lovely imagery…”

Dirty Linen

“Caswell is a superb acoustic fingerpicking style guitarist. Inject his warm, friendly voice and these compositions soar… Expect Caswell and his music to grow in stature with every listen of this CD.”


“Take a little bit of Paul Simon, mix it with James Taylor, Bob Dylan and Shawn Colvin, and you’ve got Jud Caswell… “Lost & Found,” is a terrific listen. Caswell’s lyrics have soul… he evokes a full range of emotions… this is music you will listen to over and over again.”

Port City Life

“Like a modern Phil Ochs tilting at windmills... with voice just a bit south of James Taylor... Caswell uses lyrics as weapons of mass intelligence... If there is an award for the year's most politically incisive composition, this should be in the running... And while the lyrics stand out, the music is there as well. Caswell is, indeed, the whole package.”

Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

“Maine's Jud Caswell is one of those expert, multigifted folk singers who are surprisingly unknown outside their home territory. Caswell's guitar playing is elegant, his voice both personable and tuneful, his songs neatly crafted, his sound imbued with warm energy.”

Boston Herald

“Jud Caswell captures the American experience through carefully crafted songs while instantly setting a tone of "we're all friends here" with his audiences. He is truly a new songwriter to be treasured.”

Scott Hayward - Tupelo Music Hall

“I sat there, warm cup of tea in hand, watching the flame on my candle flicker and listened to his soothing voice and guitar telling stories of life... Jud's stories are our stories. And sitting there, I was connected with this room full of humans who were moved by our common experience. Jud’s quiet, rich voice held us suspended. I filled up on chocolate desserts and listened to his 17 years of songwriting experience tell my life.”

Jackie Kelley - South Shore Express

“Blackberry Time... is a lesson in the craft and process of award-winning songwriting... sophisticated, deeply thoughtful... this new release takes [Jud] to the next level. He's just an enormously talented lyricist, composer, performer, and producer... It's only a matter of time before he's discovered by the rest of the world; you should discover him now.”