Jubal's Kin / Press

"Heaven to Me" on Jubal's Kin album is slaying me. I've listened five times in a row now.

“The debut includes some quietly melodic originals, as well as a good reflection of the above influences in a stoic take on the Carter's "No Depression" and an intricately crafted version of the Decemberists' "Eli the Barrow Boy." Good stuff.”

"I love the clarity and honesty of their singing, and their playing is sweet, solid and sounds just great. I'm excited about this CD and so pleased they invited me to participate!"

“I think my new theme song is Everything Is Free. You guys NAILED it for those of us squeaking out a real living in the arts.”

"..their take on the genre is fresh and inspiring."

"Now here is something unique - traditional music with a new heart and approach...once you hear Jubal’s Kin, you never forget them."