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“We end today with J. Terrible who made sure that he lived up to expectations by spitting his truth. His ability to tell a story via his intense rhyme patterns and flows is nothing short of ill. Translation…the kid was straight up sick! He doesn’t just spit jibberish really fast… he takes you on a journey that touches the soul of anyone in the vicinity because you know by the passion in his voice that he’s not just telling you what he heard…it’s what he’s lived. Not many can master the art of storytelling let alone do it via an insanely quick flow that leaves everyone breathless. But J. Terrible did it and we were all caught off guard as it unfolded in front of us. Check him out below!”

“Jerk's (J.Terrible) reclusive nature past struggle with substances, loss of a good friend-and teeth which seem to haunt every aspect of his life have definitely not helped hi jerkness, but as with most artists, struggle certainly has benefited his music.”

Josh Fernandez - Sacramento News & Review

"Yeah I'm from the gutter" he says, slumping back in his chair like a wet dishrag. "I've lived in every shitty part of the city" He lists them: "Grew up in South Sac, lived in Del Paso Heights, North Highlands,..... [I was] raised in Ranch Cordova - in the grimy parts I don't know where I fit in." Jerk's (J.Terrible) list of past residences reads like a white-trash road map of Northern California. "Oh yea, Rio Linda, I fogot that one," he adds map complete

Josh Fernandez - Sacramento News & Review