J-Story A-K-A Rocky Marciano / Press

“We don't just want people to buy our clothes, we want them to adopt our philosphy and use every second, minute, and hour of a day to get established.”

"J-Story is Arizona's purest form of original as he puts it, and proves it through his professionalism in grind"

“That "Rocky Marciano" joint is going off though!”

“I'm a fan of J-Story!”

“I respect J-Story's Grind, He goes HARD on the promo...”

“J-Story is a force to be recogned with in the SouthWest Hip-Hop scene! When he says he’s original, he’s not just saying that so you’ll listen to his music, he is actually telling you the truth! In the 4 Years that I have been listening to local Hip-Hop Artists, he’s one of the Best that I have heard! The delivery of the stories to the beats are amazing and will have you saying, “That’s REAL Hip-Hop!””

“The NEW E-P "2Faithful" and follow up to the 1st project "Faithful 2My Flow" featuring the highly acclaimed single "Bird City", and street banger "Get This Money"....GO TO http://www.soundcloud.com/j-story For FREE LISTEN to the Leak track "Show You How" Az's NEW Lady Anthem.”

“I gotta tip My hat off to you on that "BIRD CITY" joint, it ain't too often an artist can really put on for the city and do it right like that.”

“Arizona BORN, Arizona RAISED, So I gotta bless the Mic,everytime I touch the stage/ everytime I touch the pen, yo I gotta bless the PAGE...”

“All J needs to do is find his lane, after that it's all downhill from there.Just stay in the lab, and keep evolving as an artist.”

“It's J-Story people, stay tuned, there's a Story to this man and it's wonderful.”

“I've been writing since the 5th grade,I don't only write lyrics, I'm also a poet, as well as an aspiring author, soon as I can expose these talents in a productive fashion I will, just stay tuned people, I love what I do.This is HIP HOP, This is US!”

“In hiring J-Story for an opening spot at the E-40 B-Day Bash Novemeber 14th 2009, I realized he's one of the most professional I've seen from pre-show strategy to performance, he was the most talked about artist by my circle after the show, and it was all positive.P.L.E. will work with him in the future.”

“J-Story has been featured multiple times on the site's "TOP 20" Pop-Up player, surely it's more to come.”

“....I met J over the phone through "Goon Sqaud Ent."(coming2012) while he was in prison and knew from the second I heard em rap that he had what it took to go alot of places,it's only been a little over a year since released, and already he's done more than most cats do in 10 years locally.”

“I called J out the blue one night at the Club Red show w/ KILLA PRIEST of Wu-Tang, some artist didn't show and I needed him to do a set, He was at the building in 20 minutes and kilt the whole set and saved me of being short performers.”