JSavage / Press

“those who parade themselves don't lead”

Tao quote

“Damn man, three nights of shows, one of my own and two more for the bros, eNVy with deep political views and JSavage with the freestyle Friday flows, they've got honesty and respect and don't call women ho's, where they sprung their passion from, welll shit man, nobody knows, but it continually grows, by the moment, as if there is a destination for the life they lead and they've always known, real recognize real and these dudes have always shown it, like its a banner waving behind them as they walk, without the lyrics you would still tripout on how these guys talk, but when they get on stage they lay it down solid like a rock, in the spot, either written or of the top, and if they stop, ima kick their asses cuz if they keep doing it how they do, they will never have a free fall bell flop.”

Famous of EPPIK

“The gospel of HIPHOP exists to protect. It speaks life beyond cash and checks.”

KRS-One - The Gospel of HipHop


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“If something goes wrong,people say I knew it.But if they want something right they ask GOD to do it.”


“Just as a car with no gas is worthless-your life doesnt run if it doesnt have purpose.”


“Elite the mind the rhyme and the krew, delete and confined commercial rapper are through..”

Jqsmooth aka kingyonez

“Im good at going to work every muthaf#@&in morning”


“No rest for the wicked and the righteous dont need any!”

Grandpa koyle

“All I do lately is work and pray, thank GOD I can do that, not flat on my back ,thing I seen in my day keep my life on track.”

Rugged rubelion

“Haters can hate, they dont have to relate, Ill just make moves ,wile their staying in place!”


“A man does not know his own faults;a beast does not know his own strengths”

Ancient proverb

“Dont worry if they listen , make em hear!!”

Ej Ca$h from STLOUIS

“F#@% Sound Quality yea I made the beat....”