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“After a successful stage career that included lead roles in productions like HMS Pinafore, Dearly Departed, and The Greater Tuna, and appearances in multiple television commercials, Joshua Ryan Erwin set his sights on a musical career. He’s opened for headlining acts like Nelly, Petey Pablo, Nappy Roots, Rome, and Juvenile. Then he took a short hiatus from music to become a successful casting assistant. In the world of television, he’s working on shows like CBS’s “My Boys” (in which he also worked as a stand-in and extra), the made-for-TV movie “Man Eater” (in which he also appeared), the feature film Middle Men (starring Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, James Caan, and Kevin Pollack), and Piranha 3D (starring Elizabeth Shue, Ving Rhames, Adam Scott, Christopher Lloyd, and Richard Dreyfus). But now, he’s returning to music. As J.Ry-E, he’s offering up a new single, “Would It Matter” in advance of the release of an upcoming album, “Anytime,” which is set to dr”

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“Exclusive tracks for The Invasion 2 territorial takeover album by Angelo's Entertainment feat by Yelawolf , Young Buck , 8-Ball , Lil Flip , D -Hood from the Clover Geez , Kool Daddy Fresh. slot available get on while you can for more info contact me.”

“J.Ry-E sings brand new song he just wrote entitled "Pain Symphony". It's pretty rough but this guy has a unique style & GREAT lyrics! You can check out more of him at http://www.youtube.com/theartistjrye”

“To all of the amazing people, fans, & artists that make up my street teams I would just like to say thank you for all of your efforts in helping me get my music out to new people & create new fans! Each & every one of you are appreciated more than you know. To show our appreciation you will be rewarded with either a personalized signed picture, signed t-shirts, & even for a lucky few, a signed copy of the album as it gets closer to the release date! We are now looking to expand our street teams, striving to have a team in place in every country, all across the world. If you are interested in becoming a part of the J.Ry-E street team or know someone that is be sure to let us know, as the J.Ry-E phenomenon is now rapidly spreading all over the world! Much Luv & thanks for your support. You the fans are the ones that make all the difference, & the ones that I do this for!”

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“The greatest songwriter of our Generation.”

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“The best pure songwriter, I have ever worked with.”

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“this is a exclusive ruff cut. just a lil something of what's to come . mama song by J.Ry-E check it out”

J.Ry-E - New song "Mama song"

“new song by J.Ry-E called Any Time check it out leave comment”

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