Jrocseventyone (JB) / Press

“Jroc Seventy One's New Album "Dropping Intelligence" The Electronica/Jazz music master brings a fresh, new personal perspective to dance music.”

“check out page 18 and 19 of this magazine”


“MusicDish reviewers critiquing Jrocseventyone’s new single said, “One 2-4” is quite nice. The dirty south drum roll sets up a clean mixed dance track that has a combination of nice hand percussion. Trumpet section hits that punctuate a very smooth soundscape of sounds that pad and enchant the ear with bells, and fresh ideas that are cool to listen and dance to are plentiful in this track. It’s not overdone, revealing some very real experience behind what this guy is doing. The effects synch up nicely to the kick, and the vocal parts never get in the way of the forward motion of where the music is taking you. If you like Ambient music with more direction and groove for your mix, this is a track you’ll want playing on your box. The mix quality and coolness factors definitely get 5 out of 5 stars, while the musical production doesn’t lag far behind with 4 out of 5 stars.”