Justin Robinson & the Mary Annettes / Press

“The most delightful surprise of Hopscotch, thus far, however, is Justin Robinson & the Mary Annettes.”

“JR&tMAs take that talent, force and history and move it into a new genre. These are pop songs with a folk twist. This is feel good music. This is not raved about nearly as much as it should be.”

“The band's murky blend of epic indie rock ideas and nestled roots-music charm likely won't be replicated this weekened.”

“Justin Robinson may have traveled the world sharing traditional music as a chocolate drop, but these days he’s been pulling strings of a different sort as bandleader of his own crew of genre bending, crack instrumentalist Mary Annettes.”

“The song "Vultures" suggests Robinson is bent on pushing traditional forms in intriguing new directions.”

“Justin Robinson and The Mary Annettes upon only a fifth public performance are gaining followers quickly and judging from the cheers and ovation abruptly after song outtros, these are minions who are following closely.”