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“Internet Trafficking" album in stores summer 2011....”

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“From: Artist - SimpleFlyGuyz (Go to Page) Subject: Artist to Artist Status: Archived Date: 02/08/2011 3:22 PM Aye Bro I listened to some of your music I like it on some realshit I'm feeling it. I see you got fanbase & a lot of people liking your music. i give you respect you a artist out here moving up and doing well in the streets. I just wanted to ask you can you listen to some of my tracks i'm a new artist i'm in hip hop & r&b my name is SimpleFlyShade I'm the creator of the the upcoming group SimpleFlyGuyz I would really appreciate it if you can listen to at least one of my songs and give some feedback and tell me what i need to do or not to know. I live in Cleveland Ohio i'm trying to make it bro. I know I got talent & i'm a hardworker I believe i have what it takes to be at the top. I just need help getting there. support leads to success. ”

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