JP'S ATTIC / Press

“ANYMORE...You are on the far edge which is where true innovators live. This is complex, deliciously provocative, a meditative needle-prick. Keep it up.”

David Namerow

“I want to recommend that you send your music in to our a&r department for review and consideration. -Virgin Records”

-On The Verge Of Blowing Up

“On behalf of JG publishing, we want to say that we are impressed with your music, please get in touch with us. -JG Publishing”

-Daily Insights

"The more I think about it, the less doubts I have about this" "It's all a step by step process my friend, and those steps lead to bigger ones, It's only a matter of time" *JP and Big Nate* -JP'S ATTIC-

Daily Insights

“You guys were meant to be together and meet each other, I've been having these visions, and I know you guys are going to go far!!!, 2013 will be your year!!! ”

-Alyssia Cudd- - Truckstop Confidential