JP Ranger Band / Press

"BRILLIANT – EXCELLENT. We have enjoyed it immensely and have added tracks from it to our playlists. Your presentation of music, inside the style and personality reflected in the tracks is very refreshing. Keep it up".

““A great bunch of songs on this disc that we like. "Burning Up" is brilliant””

George Young - Country Club Productions PTY Ltd, Prospect, Australia

““Inspired by generations of power house rock and a touch of blues, J. P. Ranger’s newest CD “Living Here” is a compilation of artistic style and flair. Vocals are strong with an attitude of sometimes edgy and emotional appeal. The harmonies are sung in a higher register and are perfectly blended as heard on “Mr. Singer” and “America.” The relationship between the musicians of this group is noticeably well connected. “Burning Up” gives an example of this great musicianship with a powerful rock guitar solo and tight, solid drum beats. Ranger’s lyrics throughout this album are written from the heart and sung with the same conviction. You'll notice a nice change of musical style with a touch of the Blues on the ballad “Blue Moon Dreamer.” The entire CD possesses a high quality of production as each song is well balanced between vocals and instruments. If you like the musical styles of Bob Dylan or Eric Clapton you will want to listen to J. P. Diane and the RadioIn”

"“The Ottawa tunesmith spins out finely crafted, affecting rock tunes with an R&B edge.” — Fateema Sayani, The Ottawa Citizen, Arts Section, Best Bets,

Fateema Sayani - The Ottawa Citizen

“La belle, très belle surprise de cet album vient du fait que non seulement vous allez découvrir en J.P. Ranger (J.P. pour Jean-Pierre) un guitariste-chanteur à la voix chaude autant à l’aise sur des chansons pop que sur des titres plus soul ou diablement plus rock, mais vous allez apprécier un véritable auteur-compositeur qui sait ciseler ses textes pour les faire glisser avec saveur sur des musiques bien balancées."”

““Great CD. Got a lot of airplay already and it will in the future. We like it, played by several DJs/programmers of our station." ”

Harry Boerman - FM, Radio Putten, Radio Ermelo, Netherlands

““There is a song on the wind / singing something ‘bout change / There is a world that is yearning / to have all its furniture rearranged … IKEA will do well in 2009. JP Ranger, Jean-Pierre, when he takes o_ his hat, is a soul-rocker from Canada who just came out with a new record ‘Living Here’. As you can guess from the opening quote, JP Ranger is touched by the world and its people. He passes on this message to the people through nice classical rock songs, with slight sidestepping in the direction of r&b and 21st century soul. Ranger experiments little, but makes sure that every song has either a catchy refrain or a memorable guitar ri_. We were right away impressed by his voice, somewhere in between the voices of T-Bone Burnett and Paul McCartney: .. JP Ranger is a modern record with catchy songs about things happening. And often you don’t need more. Duke J., Rootstime, Belgium, January, 2009. Translated from the original article at www.rootstime.be ”

"Ranger has emerged butter_y-like as a rockin’ singer-songwriter with an R&B sheen. Ranger never forgets the importance of a big chorus to hang his songs on. That and the heavy keyboard / guitar dominated sound make Living Here a compulsive listen, and a _ashback to earlier, simpler times. Opening cut, “Dark Horse Rider”, is my favourite track; a gritty slab of classic rock, chock full of road-infused imagery. Great stuff_." - R. Forbes, Leicester Bangs