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“Halloween album in the makeing , Stay posted for the next videos ,dont even bite the style , we're droppin track for track , Vid for vid , creative , exclusive and horrifying!!!! A whole new World of Halloween Music!!!”


“I'm Gonna Die with unfinished buisness I hope you didnt do me wrong !!! Ah hahahahha !!!”

J.P. - Jay Phaneuf

“Play our Videos , We have some really great footage and very creative film . Please take time to watch.”

J.P. - Jay Phaneuf

“Everything is original with a new style brought to the table , I know you love our music”


“Your moving up on them charts fast and I see you at number 1 real soon , keep doing your thang !!!!! We Love your Music !!!!!!!!”

M. Buccanalini - Down South

“Got offered a record deal , I have a meeting with my music lawyer , he says its time to shop around ....”

J.P. - Record Deal

“What word is greater or more meaningful than Love ? There isn't one !!! So why so much Hate ?”

J.P. - Jay Phaneuf

“Music will never Die in my Soul , and my Soul will never Die because of my Music !!!!!”

J.P. - Jay Phaneuf

“Watch our documentary/biography of behind the scene action and much more . .”

“A video of todays hip hop culure in the making , watch and enjoy , Thanks J.P.”