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J.P. Hopfelt - Rock Rebel Records

“ROCK REBEL RECORDS - There's some mean rocking sounds on the new CD from the group J.P. Hopfelt. Written and produced by Pete Hopkins and Jimmy Steinfeldt the CD also features Gary Mallaber of the Steve Miller Band on drums and Chad Watson, renown session player, on bass. Pulling double duty on vocals and guitar Hopkins admits he is influenced by Joe Satriani, Kirk Hammett and Al DiMeola. There is a solid mix of vintage rock and good old time rock and roll but there's also a cool L.A. vibe running through these tracks. In the words of J.P. Hopfelt 'This is not a mellow record we've done, it's a rock record'. Well said and quite true. Crank up the volume.”

“The greatest band of all time. If you have a pulse buy their music!”

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“Pete Hopkins has found a songwriting partner in acclaimed rock photographer Jimmy Steinfeldt and has eschewed pop psychological heartache in favor of sturdier rock compositions. Laurel Canyon has proven to be the fertile setting for J.P. Hopfelt's celebratory classic rock sound to come to life and out of the speakers. While the sound may bring back a memory or two of the music coming out of Laurel Canyon almost forty years ago, this unlikely musical pairing has a way of making the whole thing come across as truly inspired.”

“J.P. HOPFELT BRINGS BACK VINTAGE ROCK. Inspired by the spirit of Laurel Canyon while listening to classic rock from the '60s and '70s, acclaimed photographer Jimmy Steinfeldt and award winning songwriter and performer Pete Hopkins decided to combine their creative resources and bring "L.A. Vintage Rock" back. The resulting EP is a collection of songs that exude the passion, grit and even danger from that bygone era. Recording at Swing House Studios, the dynamic duo was accompanied by a few famous friends, including Gary Mallaber (Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen) on drums and Chad Watson (Charlie Rich, Janis Ian, Albert Lee) on bass.”

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“Buzz Tracker Approves of J.P. Hopfelt”

“Hollywood Today ran a wonderful quote from our liner notes. Click on the link and check out the June 8th, 2011 story.”

“Pete Hopkins and Jimmy Steinfeldt co-produced and finished their project J.P. Hopfelt in record time. Hopkins relates "We were able to record quickly because we didn't assume or overlook anything." Steinfeldt adds, "We knew what we were going for. And the more you know the better you are. Otherwise you'll waste valuable time."”