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“JP Corwyn interview with John Darlington on southern Ohio's John Talk Radio”

“JP Corwyn's guest spot on South Florida podcast Ed's Mixed Bag with Ed Ovett.”

“JPC on the BBC”

“How could you be so blind? You haven’t heard of JP Corwyn? You haven’t seen him live? You haven’t heard his music? How embarrassing for you. Really, though. It’s ok. You’re in the right place. For JP, the rationale for the blind jokes is, well, reasonable. He is legally blind. Born with a degenerative condition, he has been legally blind since birth, with the shades pulling ever tighter throughout his as-yet-brief-but-potent life. This makes his genre tag of Blind Indie Rock make more sense. Otherwise, he’d just be sort of pretentious and snarky, but not in the fun depraved sit-com way. Corwyn’s vocal-driven indie rock style is infectious, reminiscent of Toad the Wet Sprocket’s Glen Phillips co-writing songs with Angie Aparo that get snatched by Adam Levine of Maroon 5, with occasional stomps into Creed and Pearl Jam-esque electric anthem territory.”

“An inspired collection of earnest ballads and full-bore rockers -- woven together with impressive songwriting, achingly beautiful vocals and sonically vibrant musicianship; It’s our opinion that JP Corwyn's 'In Plain Sight' shows all the potential of some of today’s most well-known rock acts.”